North Pond Penguin Tour

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Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

One of the last untouched landscapes on the planet, it is no wonder that the beaches, cliffs and waters of the Falkland Islands teem with hundreds of species of wildlife. Perhaps the most famous animal inhabitants of the area are the penguins: majestic kings, rockhoppers, gentoo, Magellanic and even the elusive macaroni penguin. All have found a safe-haven in this unspoiled corner of the world. You can enjoy the antics of these beautiful birds like Gentoo, Magellanic and the occasional visiting King Penuin during this full-day "up close and personal" excursion that takes you to a penguin rookery in the North Pond area of the island.

It all begins at the Jetty Visitors Center where an experienced team of local guides will meet you. You'll board a comfortable 4-WD vehicle and enjoy a scenic one and a half hour trip to North Pond. As you journey, your driver/guide will point out the natural wonders you encounter, including plant and animal species that make their home here. Have your cameras at the ready as your route takes you past stunning rock formations. You'll also view the remains of Chinook and Puma helicopters, leftover from the 1982 conflict with Argentina.

Then it's off-roading you go! The last half hour of your drive takes off the main road and through rugged countryside in order to access your remote destination. Pristine white sand beaches and crystal blue waters greet you are you arrive at Cape Dolphin in North Pond. And then you see them: the penguins. Hundreds of them. Gentoos and Magellanic, mostly. King penguins visit, too. Notice that they waddle awkwardly along a half-mile stretch of sand between the sea and their nesting grounds. But when they take to the seas, they are powerful and graceful as they frolic in the waves, swimming, playing and searching for food.

The Gentoos sport flamboyant red-orange beaks, white-feather caps, and peach-colored feet. The Magellanic have a distinct black horseshoe-shaped band on their front. The King penguin has orange ear patches. See if you can distinguish them! While you're watching the penguins in the surf, you may even glimpse dolphins that also inhabit these waters. There is a stunning array of birds here too: geese, grebes, the odd-looking turkey vultures and the Falkland's own Flightless Steamer Duck. It's a spectacular setting of breathtaking natural wonder that offers up magnificent photo opportunities. As you soak up the beauty that surrounds you, enjoy a packed picnic lunch and beverage.

Special Notes:

This tour travels bumpy, unpaved roads and tracks. Not recommended for pregnant women or guests with neck and back conditions.

Dress warmly in layers and wear sturdy, comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots. Bring a hat, waterproof jacket, camera and binoculars.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

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Four- wheel drive vehicle
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Visit to North Pond penguins

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Four- wheel drive vehicle

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