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South Pacific Cruises

Enchanting isles cast a magical, mesmerizing spell

There's more than one paradise to be found on a cruise to the South Pacific. It's where hidden jewels like "Mystery Island" and the Tuamotu Archipelago invite exploration. Sail there with Princess and you’ll not only discover the pearls of the South Pacific, you'll also be introduced to its wonderful color, culture and flavors through unique programs on board and ashore that will change you forever.

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Why Cruise the South Pacific?

The South Pacific is full of treasures from stunning natural beauty to colorful cultures and rich histories that are steeped in legend and lore. Cruising is the best way to experience more of these enchanting locales.
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The South Pacific Onboard Experience

The vibrant culture of The South Pacific comes to life on a Princess cruise. Surprise someone special with black pearls from our onboard boutiques – voted "Best Onboard Shopping" by Porthole magazine. Savor exquisite Pacific Rim cuisine; perhaps watch dolphins play alongside your ship, and capture the vivid sunset over the archipelago from your private balcony.

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Hailed by many seafarers as "the most beautiful harbor in the world," the prominent Harbour Bridge and the sail-like curves of the Sydney Opera House grace the backdrop of Sydney’s picturesque harbor, the largest port in the South Pacific.

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Melbourne is a sprawling city offering culture, art, fashion and friendly, sports-minded Australians. At the heart of the city you'll find the Golden Mile, the city's governmental and commercial center and home to hotels, shops, restaurants and theaters.

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Lying on the elegant banks of the meandering Brisbane River, this cosmopolitan city boasts elegant 19th-century sandstone buildings, a lively cultural scene and superb parklands. Brisbane is also the nation's third-largest metropolis - and one of the most desirable places to live in the country.

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