Top 5 Caribbean Cruise Excursions in the Grand Cayman

by Marcia Frost

The largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is a popular destination for Caribbean cruises — and for good reason. For an island that measures only 76 square miles, Grand Cayman has a lot to offer. Visitors to the island can tour a turtle farm, swim with stingrays, check out the Tortuga Rum Cake Center, walk along Seven Mile Beach, and even make a journey to Hell. During your Caribbean cruise to Grand Cayman, make sure to visit these popular spots:

Turtle Farm

Take an excursion to the Turtle Farm at Boatswain's Beach, which is the world's only commercial green sea turtle hatchery. At this eco-sensitive attraction, there are 100 round pools containing turtles at different developmental stages. You can see small baby turtles, a 600-pound giant turtle, and everything in between. All the turtles you'll meet have been raised here with the hope of increasing the population and preventing them from being hunted to extinction.

Stingray City

Once you see the crystal blue waters around Grand Cayman, you'll know why the stingrays prefer it here. You can observe these gentle creatures in their own environment when you head through the North Sound to Stingray Sandbar on an excursion. The stingrays swim in fairly shallow waters, so you don't even have to be an experienced snorkeler to participate.

Tortuga Rum Cake Center

If you can't resist a good rum cake, then you won't want to pass up an excursion to the Tortuga Rum Cake Center on your Caribbean cruise. While you can get the octagon-shaped box of Tortuga rum cake just about anywhere in the Caribbean, here you can visit the facility, learn the story behind Tortuga rum, enjoy free samples, and browse a selection of different sizes and flavors of cakes, such as chocolate and key lime.

Seven Mile Beach

The pristine Seven Mile Beach lies along the Caribbean Sea and offers white, soft sand and gentle waves. To enjoy the beach from your Caribbean cruise, you can take an excursion that provides you with transportation and a welcome drink, as well as all the beach necessities, such as a lounge chair and an umbrella, for a day of ultimate relaxation.


A short trip to Hell, Grand Cayman, is at the top of most visitors' itineraries. During your excursion, make sure to check out the beautiful volcanic rock formations and take some photos by the famous fire-red post office. You can even mail a letter back home from Hell. For a souvenir, make sure you snap a photo with the devil mascot before returning to your Caribbean cruise.

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Take a shore excursion to Hell, Grand Cayman
Blue waters and soft sand on the beaches of Grand Cayman.