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Passport Requirements

NEW Passport Requirements

Passport requirements vary by destination and your citizenship. Please review the section below to determine your passport requirements.

U.S. and Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents
A valid passport is required for all non-domestic itineraries including Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, India, Central and South America, South Pacific and Tahiti.

For domestic itineraries, if your cruise requires air travel between the U.S. and the Americas, Canada, the Caribbean, Bermuda or Mexico, you will be required to present a passport when departing from or returning to the U.S. by air. Without a passport, you will be denied boarding of your flight. If your travel plans do not include international air travel described above, and you will have completed your travel prior to June 1, 2009, U.S. and Canadian citizens are not currently required to sail with a passport on domestic itineraries including Alaska, Bermuda, Canada, Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico. For itineraries for which a passport is not required to sail, U.S. and Canadian citizens who do not have a valid passport must provide the following proof of citizenship: Naturalization certificate or an original certified birth certificate from the state/province of their birth (a hospital certificate will not suffice) together with a current and valid government issued photo identification, such as a driver's license. U.S. citizens may also present a U.S. Passport Card or Enhanced Driver's License. Neither oral nor written declarations of citizenship will be accepted. Although recommended, photo identification is not required for those 18 years and younger at the time of this printing. U.S. Resident Aliens are required to present, in addition to a valid passport, a current and valid Alien Resident Card. Canadian Permanent Residents are required to present a valid Permanent Resident Card in addition to a valid passport.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that even if your cruise does not require a passport to sail, should you be required to unexpectedly depart a vessel prior to the end of the sailing, a passport would be required to re-enter the U.S. by air. As such, Princess Cruises strongly recommends that all passengers are in possession of a passport. The Department of Homeland Security plans to move toward Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) implementation at land and sea ports. The initiative will require all persons to present a valid passport or other WHTI compliant document to enter or depart the United States by land or sea as of June 1, 2009. Please check back on this site and in Cruise Personalizer for important updates regarding passport requirements that may affect your cruise. Up-to-date information regarding passport requirements and trusted traveler programs (such as the new U.S. passport Card, NEXUS, SENTRI and FAST) is also available at travel.state.gov. Foreign nationals should contact their governments for further details.

Non-U.S./Non-Canadian Citizens: A valid passport is required for all non-U.S and non-Canadian citizens for all itineraries.

Please check back with our web site for future updates.