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Princess EZpay Cruise Payment Plan

Budget your vacation the easy way with our payment option plan

With Princess EZpay, you can spread out the cost of your cruise with monthly installments – without extra fees! It’s easy to enroll in and easy to use; Princess EZpay simply charges the credit card on file every month until final payment is due. You can set it and forget it! Read on for the details of this flexible payment option.

Enroll now by contacting your travel advisor or 1-800-PRINCESS (774-6237)

What is the advantage of Princess EZpay?
Flexibility to spread the payment over time. Set it and forget it with no need to worry about any payments.

How do I sign up for Princess EZpay?
Once you've booked your cruise, call your travel advisor or 1-800-PRINCESS (774-6237) to enroll in EZpay. You can still enroll if you book your cruise online, however, Princess EZpay enrollment is only available via phone. Princess EZpay is not available in the United Kingdom.

What if I'm already booked?
You can still sign up. Call your travel advisor or Princess Cruises and say you’d like to enroll in Princess EZpay.

What if I want to cancel out of Princess EZpay?
You can opt out of Princess EZpay. Note that cancelling Princess EZpay will NOT cancel your cruise. You’re still responsible for the balance of the cruise by the final payment date.

What forms of payment do you accept for Princess EZpay?
You can enroll using all major credit cards. Debit cards are not accepted.

How often will the credit card be charged?
The credit card will be charged once a month beginning approximately 20 days after the deposit is paid, until Final Payment.

Can multiple cards be used with of Princess EZpay?
No, one credit card will need to be used for the deposit and that card will be used for all of the Princess EZpay payments.

Are there any interest fees?
There are no additional interest charges or fees from Princess. This is not a financing option.

What happens if I cancel my cruise?
Standard policy applies if you cancel your cruise.

Can I choose different amounts for each payment?
No, you cannot choose different amounts for each payment. The remaining balance due will be divided equally among the months up to and including the final payment.

Can different people in my party pay each month?
Princess EZpay will automatically charge the same credit card used for the deposit for each payment.

Do I have to use Princess EZpay?
No, Princess EZpay is optional.

Will I get payment reminders each month?
Yes, you will be sent a reminder approximately two days before each payment is made.

If I upgrade or change my cabin after booking, will the payments change?
If changing the cabin (upgrading/downgrading) causes the rate to increase or decrease then the remaining payments will automatically adjust.

What if I need to change the credit card on file?
You can change the credit card on file at any time. When the card is changed, the auto charge process will use the new card to charge subsequent monthly payments.

Can I make additional payments?
Yes, additional payments can be made and the system will recalculate the remaining balance and divide by the number of payments that need to be made.

What happens if the monthly payment is declined?
In the event of a monthly payment failure, the system shall send a payment denial letter to the user’s email address. Princess shall not remove the user from the payment plan. The failed payment amount shall be adjusted to the remaining monthly payments. If all payments are not paid in full by the final payment due date, then the system will follow the current cancellation procedure.

What cruises are eligible for Princess EZpay?
The majority of our voyages will be eligible for this offer, however voyages inside Final Payment will not be eligible as well as any voyage where there is not sufficient time to allow for deposit, at least one monthly payment and final payment.

Princess EZpay is not available in the United Kingdom.

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