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Enjoy customized suggestions based on when and where you sail, low prices with flexible fares and the reassurance that we'll get you to the ship.

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1. Find a Cruise 2. Select "Cruise Details" 3. Select "Flight Quotes"

Flights That Fit Your Cruise

Get personalized suggestions based on when and where you sail.

Low Fares on Flights

Access fares lower than most public prices. We pass the exclusive savings we enjoy because of the high volume of flights we sell on to you. See for yourself!

Flexibility to Change Flights1

Cancel flexible airfare up to 45 days prior to departure with no fees. Plus, book flights now with no amount due until cruise final payment.

Same Day Late Arrival Protection

Rest easy that you'll make your cruise if flights are delayed or canceled on the day of travel and get home if you miss flights because of your cruise or transfer.

We're here to help!

Getting flight quotes or booking flights is easy, but if you need help contact us or your Travel Advisor.

Our En Route Desk provides 24/7 support to ensure your air travel is as worry-free as your cruise.

1No charge penalty until 45 days prior to departure for Flexible fares only. Restricted fares are non-refundable and must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Seat assignments are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice due to schedule changes, equipment changes or other unforeseen circumstances. Princess has no control over seat assignments, and any changes are at the discretion of the airline. We recommend that guests contact the airline(s) directly, once you receive your air notification, to request specific seats.