On a Getaway Cruise: 5 Ways to Experience Cabo San Lucas

by Pam Niequist Wehbi

On a getaway cruise to Baja California, spend 24 hours in stunning Cabo San Lucas. Blessed with towering rocks, sun-drenched beaches, remote bays, and an abundance of marine life, Cabo San Lucas is wildly beautiful and overflowing with options for enjoying your time there.

Here are five ways you can experience the gifts nature bestowed upon this popular destination.

Swimming, Snorkeling, and Diving

Cabo is positioned between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, known as the "world's aquarium," a title coined by underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau. It boasts many spectacular beaches, including Playa El Medano and Playa del Amor — both excellent for swimming.

Pelican Rock, Santa Maria Bay, and Chileno Bay are great for snorkeling, as the waters there are teeming with marine life. Cabo Pulmo offers exceptional snorkeling, and it's home to the only living coral reef in the region.

If you like to scuba dive, a getaway cruise to Cabo is the place to go. Try the sandfalls at San Lucas Bay, just five minutes from the Cabo marina. At another famous site, Land's End, you can see the sea lion colony up close.


There are many opportunities to go out on a boat during your getaway cruise to Cabo San Lucas. Rent a fishing boat, spend a day sailing, go whale watching from a 15-person zodiac, or step aboard a luxury yacht for a cruise on the Sea of Cortez. With most of these excursions, you also can take time out to snorkel.

Horseback Riding

Not only is Playa El Medano great for swimming and sunning, it also offers horses for rent on the beach. Plan it right, and you could be viewing the sunset as you ride. For a more secluded ride, head for the Pacific side of Cabo, or explore above the golf course for a ride that offers desert and mountain trails, as well as spectacular ocean views.

Going off-road

Cabo San Lucas isn't all tranquil beaches and crystalline waters. Part of the surrounding Baja Peninsula area has a rougher landscape — ideal for going off-road in an ATV or a 4x4 for a thrilling desert "safari." Hit the hills, drive along the secluded sandy beaches, and enjoy spectacular vistas at every turn.


Another way to see the natural wonders of Cabo San Lucas is from above on a zipline excursion through the Sierra Lagunas. Travel across the canyons of Boca de Sierra on a series of ziplines for amazing views of the pristine landscapes. You can also rappel off cliffs, climb a rock wall, and cross suspended bridges.

One Last Thing

A day of outdoor adventure and communing with nature makes a person hungry and thirsty. Again, you've come to the right place. Cabo San Lucas is also known for its fabulous restaurants, trendy bars, and vibrant nightlife. Your only problem may be trying to narrow down your choices!

When you need to take a break, consider taking a getaway cruise to Cabo San Lucas for the perfect blend of natural and man-made wonders.

Discover El Arco, the majestic rock arch in Cabo San Lucas
There are stunning, natural rock formations at the southern end of Cabo San Lucas.