Insider's Travel Guide to Tahiti: 5 Tips for Traveling in Tahiti

Take in all the natural splendor of Tahiti

South Pacific cruises are full of sunny weather, stunning ocean views, world-class dining, and much more. When you stop in tropical Tahiti, you'll want to get a feel for this breathtaking French Polynesian paradise. Tahitian vacations are packed with opportunities to discover the very best of this unique destination. Before planning your next cruise to Tahiti, check out these insider tips from our Tahiti travel guide:

  1. Try Poisson Cru

    Don't miss out on one of Tahiti's most famous dishes, poisson cru. Tahiti's national dish features raw tuna marinated in lime juice, then mixed with coconut milk and diced vegetables. The acidic properties of lime help "cook" the fish and give it a tempting, exotic flavor.

  2. See the Stingrays

    On an excursion to Bora Bora, go on a snorkeling excursion among radiant schools of fish and marine life on an adventure you'll never forget. Then, watch as a trained guide gently feeds native stingrays.

  3. Visit "One Tree Hill"

    Named by Captain Cook in the 1700s, One Tree Hill was used as a point of navigation because of the brightly colored flowers that adorned the lone tree that stood atop this high strip of land. Visit One Tree Hill to experience an important part of Tahitian history and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

  4. Enjoy a Signature Tahitian Massage

    On South Pacific cruises, there may be no sweeter luxury than treating yourself to a Tahitian massage, where you'll be warmed up with monoi oil (sometimes scented with natural vanilla fragrances) as you drift into pure bliss.

  5. Let Island Beauty Carry You Away

    Embark on a bus tour to take in all the natural splendor that Tahiti has to offer. Embrace the Vaipahi waterfalls, experience Maraa Grotto, walk along the onyx-toned beaches of Point Venus, and bask in the scenic tropical coconut groves of the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands.

Between Bora Bora and the rest of this majestic island’s offerings, there’s more than enough to take in while you’re visiting Tahiti. Use these tips for traveling in Tahiti to help make the most of your island getaway.