The Voice of the Ocean logo. Aerial view of Princess Cruise ship in the ocean

Experience The Voice of the Ocean

Three chairs with name tags that say Tim, Stephani, Eric.

Everything you love about The Voice® at sea!

Rock to the songs. Thrill to the performances. Get ready to discover who among your fellow cruise passengers has what it takes to be a star! Princess Cruises brings you the excitement and spectacle of TV's wildly popular international singing competition to the high seas, live and on-stage, with The Voice of the Ocean. The show comes to life throughout the cruise with auditions, mentor rehearsal sessions, the iconic "I Want You" chairs, three charismatic team coaches and ultimately a live finale performance where guests choose the winner.

The excitement builds

As your cruise begins, check your ship’s schedule and head for the karaoke tryouts where passengers and crew will select contestants to vie for the coveted The Voice of the Ocean Trophy.

Next, it’s time to polish each performance at rehearsals with musicians and expert vocal mentors. Singers are assigned a mentor who will meet with them during the cruise to rehearse with the Princess Band and back-up singers to prepare for the best possible performance!

Just before showtime, a final onstage rehearsal brings in the band, backup singers, spectacular lighting and audio effects. The time to be a star has arrived!

Man holding mic next to woman with her hand held to her mouth. Man singing into mic.
Man holding mic next to woman with her hand held to her mouth. Man singing into mic.

The show begins

The Voice of the Ocean Live Show is hosted by the Cruise Director on the last night of the cruise for an audience that includes three high-profile team coaches that may include one of our guest entertainers, the Hotel General Manager or even your ship’s Captain! Just like the hit TV show, the trio of coaches will listen, but not see the performer, as they decide to turn their "I Want You" chair to choose the singer to be on their team. Once teams are chosen, coaches will then each pick one finalist.

Who's the best of the best? Audience members make the call using special voting remotes. In an instant, the votes are tallied, and the answer everyone is waiting for is revealed.

Presenting...The Voice of the Ocean!