6 Ways To Celebrate On A Cruise

A woman receives cake and champagne.
A woman receives cake and champagne.
  1. Bring your friends and family together to celebrate. It’s not easy to bring everyone you love on a celebration cruise—friends and family, from near and far—together. They live in different places, follow different schedules, enjoy different activities. But your loved ones are at the heart of any good celebration. A Princess celebration cruise doesn’t just offer “something for everyone.” It offers something amazing for everyone. Foodies, spa fanatics, adventurers, party-people, early birds, kids, and kids at heart alike can delight in hundreds of activities from morning to night onboard Princess ships.
  2. Do nothing to celebrate. On a Princess celebration cruise, after you press “Book Now,” your work is done. No need to coordinate schedules, make reservations, pick out what you’re going to wear, or stand in line for a forgotten gift. No cooking, no cleaning, no last minute trips to the super market for ice or extra napkins. Come aboard, put down all of your baggage. Breathe. Look at the ocean. Celebrate.
  3. Share drinks under the stars. A martini in the moonlight. A Blue Lagoon atop the bluest of oceans. A prosecco as you sailaway from port. Raise a glass and toast yourself, your loves ones, and the magnificence of the seven seas.
  4. Indulge in a sumptuous chocolate inspiried dessert. As Robert Paul said, “Surveys confirm that 9 out of 10 people like chocolate. The 10th lies.” We agree! Princess developed the delectable desserts for our guests because we know that no celebration is complete without chocolate.
  5. Dance the night away. Sockhop. Meringue. Waltz. Mambo. Every Princess cruise features a myriad of musical opportunities each night, in venues all across the ship. You’re sure to find a rhythm for every celebration.
  6. Shop for the perfect gift. Not sure what to buy on land? You’ll be inspired when shopping at sea. Pick up just the right gift in The Shops of Princess, voted “Best Onboard Shopping” by readers of Porthole Cruise Magazine. Browse designer brands and fine merchandise, and save up to 30% on tax-free merchandise. Can’t wait til your celebration cruise begins? Shop our pre-cruise Celebrations gifts and services now.
  7. Try something new on a celebration cruise. Learn expert poker tricks, even if your 21st birthday has come and gone. Sample escargot, because nothing says “celebrate!” like snails. Take a stargazing class and find your zodiac sign among the constellations. Celebrate with Princess—and you’ll come back new®.