Excursion Terms & Conditions

Important information you should know.

GENERAL. In making bookings (including selling tickets) or otherwise promoting or making arrangements for Shore or Alaska Land Excursions (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Excursion" or "Excursions")– whether for air, land or local water transportation; tours; sports or any other recreational activities; shore accommodations or meals or for any service, facility or activity other than onboard Princess' cruise ships – Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Princess" or "Carrier") acts only as agent for the independent excursion operator supplying such excursions or services. Participation by a passenger in Excursions is conditioned upon such passenger's acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in the Passage Contract provided to you at the time of booking, these terms and conditions which are referenced on the back of the Excursion Ticket and, depending on the activity, other documents which, among other things, expressly release Princess from any liability for such participation. Participation may also be subject to the independent Excursion operators' own terms and conditions.

Guests with disabilities should email the Access Office for assistance with booking accessible shore excursions. The Access Office works in partnership with our Shore Excursion department who will assist and advise you directly of your options.

Our Accessible Shore Excursions encompass a global approach to inclusivity and focus on creating experiences that cater to diverse needs of our guests, to the extent feasible, regardless of the regions they operate in. Tours operating outside the US may not meet full ADA standards but will provide transportation for guests using wheelchairs and wheelchair access within the venues included in the tours. We want to acknowledge that some of our shore excursions may not fully comply with the standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There may be situations where local conditions such as terrain, transportation, or activity constraints may limit our ability to meet specific accessibility requirements.

EXCURSION TIMINGS. Departure times for each Excursion will be listed on princess.com in the Cruise Personalizer. For Shore Excursions, departure times will also be listed on the Shore Excursion Order Form, which you will receive onboard. These have been published according to information from our Excursion Operators, but are subject to change should the vessel's arrival time at any port be delayed, or the itinerary for any particular excursion be amended. Please note that the departure time shown will be the time the last Excursion vehicle leaves the pier or hotel. Passengers are requested to report to the specified departure location (either onboard ship or shoreside) at the designated time, as delay on your part can interfere with the pleasure of your fellow passengers.

EXCURSIONS WITH LIMITED PARTICIPATION. Shore Excursions may be purchased in advance of your cruise departure or onboard ship on a first-come, first served basis. Many of the Excursions have limited participation and booking requests will be processed in the order received. When excursions are fully subscribed, additional requests will be placed on a waiting list in the order received.

Alaska Land Excursions cannot be waitlisted but we actively request more space wherever possible from our excursion operators; if an excursion is sold out we encourage guests to revisit the Cruise Personalizer at a later date and they can also check for more availability at the tour desks in our Alaska ports.

PERSONAL POSSESSIONS. Coats, wraps, umbrellas, cameras, handbags, traveling bags and similar personal articles remain at all times through the Excursion under the passenger's custody and control. Be careful that you do not leave your possessions unattended at any time in the car or coach in which you are traveling.

PRICES. The prices for Excursions are subject to change without notice. Prices are confirmed at the time of booking. All quotations made include conveyance according to the itinerary and, where applicable, meals, refreshments, guides and entrance fees, unless otherwise stated. Children, other than infants in arms, will be charged full fare unless noted otherwise.

SHORE EXCURSION CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY. If you have booked a shore excursion you must cancel your booking prior to the scheduled closing time printed on the Shore Excursion Order Form found in your stateroom. No refunds will be made for any excursion unless notice of cancellation is given before the closing time. For excursions involving hotel accommodations, flights and private vehicles the closing time is 30 days prior to sailing and no refund will be made after this date. For excursions involving helicopter flights, you must cancel your booking by 12:00 p.m. on the day after embarkation. Carrier cannot cancel any excursion if it is past the closing time, nor will Carrier refund any excursion on which you choose not to go.

No refunds can be made on any excursion booking unless notice of cancellation is given before the closing time indicated on the booking form for the excursions involved. The times when bookings will close will be published onboard. In the event of any excursion being canceled for reasons beyond Princess’ control, a full refund will be made. If any excursion must be abandoned through force majeure or difficulties en route, the best possible refund will be arranged according to the circumstances.

If you have pre-paid a shore excursion and wish to cancel, the following will also apply:

If a pre-paid shore excursion is cancelled five (5) days or more prior to sailing a refund of the pre-paid amount will be made in one of the following ways:

  1. If there is a shore excursion balance for the passenger named on the booking being cancelled then the pre-paid amount shall be applied to this balance.


  2. If there is no shore excursion balance for the guest named on the reservation being cancelled then the pre-paid amount will be refunded to the credit card used to pre-pay the shore excursion. All refunds will be processed in due course, but delays should be anticipated. Please allow sufficient time for us to manage this process and know we are doing everything in our power to expedite where possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

If a pre-paid shore excursion is not cancelled within the above time frame or is cancelled during the voyage prior to the "Closing Time for Cancellation" listed for the particular excursion you wish to cancel, then the pre-paid amount will be refunded to the passenger named on the pre-paid reservation as a shipboard credit on this passenger’s shipboard folio. Please note this is done regardless of which passenger pre-paid for the shore excursion.

ALASKA LAND EXCURSION CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY. Alaska Land Excursions, purchased through the Cruise Personalizer, may be cancelled up to three days prior to travel without any cancellation fees. Land Excursions cancelled prior to the cancellation deadline will be refunded to the credit card that you provided in the Cruise Personalizer to purchase your tours.  Excursions cancelled within three (3) days prior travel are subject to a 100% cancellation fee, unless the operator, at their sole discretion, is unable to operate the program due to unforeseen circumstances.  All sales of tours booked while on your land tour are considered final at the time of purchase and are 100% non-refundable except in the case of an operator approved cancellation.

TRANSPORTATION. Passengers should appreciate that standards of transport vary considerably throughout the world. Air-conditioned coaches are not available in many areas, and in some, local buses are the best available. Cars or taxis are also used at some ports where coach or bus transportation is not available or limited. Passengers wishing to travel with friends should all leave the ship together, as this will help the Excursion Staff to allocate them space in the same vehicle. For the comfort of all passengers, smoking is prohibited aboard all sightseeing vehicles.

WITHDRAWAL OF EXCURSIONS. The Excursion Operator reserves the right to withdraw any excursion through lack of demand and to make any alterations that they may deem advisable for the comfort of the passengers, bearing in mind the convenience and best interest of each group.

ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT. It is our policy to maintain a positive and proactive position in relation to the environment. We realize that there is much work to be done to achieve our company goals. To this end we are continually striving to increase awareness of any environmental issues that are likely to affect any of the excursions we offer. We work closely with our local agents to convey any environmental messages in our shore excursion programs and therefore ask you to support us in our efforts by respecting the cultures, customs and environmental issues of the various destinations we visit.

Effective: August 1, 2014