Visit the Famous Rock of Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar

A world cruise affords travelers the opportunity to see some sights that they might not have had time for on cruises with less lengthy voyages. The island of Gibraltar, just south of Spain, is a perfect example of a beautiful and historically noteworthy stop that might otherwise have been glossed over.

You'll have the opportunity to explore Gibraltar by both land and sea. Those who prefer the relaxing breeze of the ocean can book a day cruise that will take them through the Strait of Gibraltar, allowing them to see both the famous rock and the coast of Spain. This is also a dolphin watch cruise, so be sure to be on the look out for these highly-intelligent and friendly creatures.

Those who decide to head ashore in Gibraltar have numerous options for fun and adventure. Be sure to take a cable car to the very top of the rock for an unbeatable view. You'll be able to see the island, Spain, and even the coast of Morocco on clearer days.

If you're a fan of wildlife, be sure to visit the famous Barbary Apes, which are officially the only free-roaming monkeys in all of Europe. Many believe these monkeys, which are tailless, were brought over from Africa by sailors. There are more than 200 apes that can be seen frolicking on the slopes of the rock.