See the Pyramids in Alexandria, Egypt

Pyramid, Egypt

When you think of destinations associated with history, you wouldn't be faulted for thinking of Europe as the premier spot. Yet the landmarks and sites located in Egypt actually predate many of the European attractions by hundreds of years. Fortunately, you'll get a chance to explore many of these on the world cruise shore excursions offered in Alexandria, Egypt.

Alexandria is perhaps most famously known for the Library of Alexandria. This ancient building has unfortunately been destroyed, but has been revived in modern times with elaborate architecture. Visitors to downtown Alexandria will be able to visit both the library and the National Museum, which contains many artifacts from Egypt's long history.

Those two attractions will provide you with a glimpse into the modern Egypt, but what about the ancient attractions that everyone knows about? Much of the "old Alexandria" has been preserved, and you'll be able to visit temples, an amphitheater, and more. However, most won't pass up making an excursion outside the city to the site of the iconic Great Pyramids and Sphinx. These are truly unforgettable monuments that you should make an attempt to see at least once in your lifetime. View World Cruises.