Explore Wadi Rum or Petra After Disembarking in Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba, Jordan
Aqaba, Jordan

You'll have the opportunity to view one of the more awe-inspiring sites in the world, the Lost City of Petra, when your world cruise stops in the port of Aqaba, Jordan.

Aqaba, situated on the red sea, will give travelers the opportunity to continue on to Petra, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The story of this amazingly-preserved ancient city is nearly unbelievable, as it was believed lost for 500 years.

A 19th century Swiss explorer actually had to trick his way past locals in order to rediscover the site, but it's now available for the entire world to enjoy. Petra is carved into the very rock itself, and you'll be able to see tombs of ancient rulers, a massive amphitheatre and "Al-khazneh," the treasury that now serves as an entryway.

Alternatively, consider a trip to Wadi Rum. Be sure to visit the "Seven Pillars of Wisdom," a stunning rock formation in the middle of the desert.

Of course, exploring the city of Aqaba itself can also be quite interesting. Scuba divers may especially want to consider staying behind in the city, as there are a number of shops that will offer divers everything they need to explore the sites just off the coast. View World cruises.