Six Continents, One Cruise: Where Princess Sails

Hiroshima Castle, Hiroshima, Japan

The world's greatest historical, natural and cultural destinations can be experienced on a cruise, and with Princess, no stones are left unturned. Globe trotters who want to visit the farthest corners of the planet do so in style on a sailing vacation, enjoying all of the onboard amenities between port destinations.

Here is a breakdown of where travelers can go on six different continents.

Going Down Under

Ocean explorers who want to go Down Under can sail past the equator and head to both Australia and New Zealand on a cruise. From scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef to going Zorbing in Rotorua, these quirky nations welcome visitors with open arms.

Blossoming biologists should go to Darwin, Australia - named after the famed evolutionary scientist - to explore the vast Northern Territory. The rugged terrain has been conquered by the Aboriginals who are notoriously nature-savvy, surviving in the wilderness with minimal resources.

Next stop: Asia

On a cruise to Asia, passengers may want to brush up on their chopsticks skills and tea ceremony etiquette before heading to Tokyo, Japan. Or, if travelers plan on touching down in Vietnam, they should be fully prepared to take photos of some of the most dazzling and intricate temples and pagodas in the world.

In Hong Kong, cruisers can fill their bellies with a traditional dim sum meal, during which they choose from dozens of freshly steamed dishes pushed on a cart. Everything is meant to be shared, so families can sample all kinds of dumplings, buns and even chicken's feet.

Crossing the Old Silk Road to Europe

Cruising westward, world-class travelers will arrive in Europe, which boasts thousands of years of history that to this day still stand in architectural ruins and salvaged housewares. Whether disembarking in the pebbled-beach city of Nice, France, or visiting Mount Etna in Messina, Italy, Europe cruises offer a stunning array of activities fit for every traveler's agenda.

In Bilbao, Spain, art and architecture lovers can visit the Guggenheim Museum. Standing out among a city of quaint buildings, the Guggenheim Bilbao was designed by the quirky contemporary architect Frank Gehry, who is notorious for his sweeping, grandiose and gravity-defying designs. The shining titanium metal making up the exterior of the museum looks as though Gehry just crumpled up a piece of paper and decided to make a building out of it - the result is astonishingly beautiful.

Traverse the Mediterranean to Africa

There are few times when travelers will find themselves in Africa, even though the continent is brimming with rich culture and incredible scenery. In Dakar, Senegal, French and Dutch traditions have influenced everyday life, and today, the metropolis houses a population of approximately 11 million people.

Travelers aiming to put on their swimsuits in Dakar can book a shore excursion to Lac Rose, or Pink Lake, which features bright fuschia hues and a high salt content so even the densest swimmers can easily float.

Sail to North America

Fenway Park and the Statue of Liberty are only a couple of the great monuments cruisers can visit on a trip to New England. While on the east coast, travelers also have the chance to take a trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia and Corner Brook, Newfoundland, where they can learn about the maritime history of North America.

While in Boston, Massachusetts, explorers should grab a cannoli at Mike's Pastry in the North End - undisputedly the best Italian bakery in the city.

Latino flair in South America

The final leg of this world cruise wraps up in South America, where Latino culture prevails above all others. With diverse ecosystems and bottomless beans and rice, much of South America is brimming with natural wonders unlike any other in the world. At Puerto Montt, Chile, passengers will have the rare chance to visit Patagonia, one of the last untouched wildernesses in the world. With rolling and rugged snowcapped mountains, charming villages and unique wildlife, this region is a fitting end to a tour across the globe. View World Cruises.