Cruise to South America to Experience Buenos Aires, the Cultural Capital of Latin America

The colorful working-class neighborhood of La Boca is a must-see attraction in Buenos Aires.

The cultural capital of Latin America, Buenos Aires, Argentina is world famous for its dancing, dining, and rich colonial history. You can experience all three by traveling through Buenos Aires' fascinating neighborhoods and cultural centers on your next cruise to South America.

Visit the Birthplace of Tango in La Boca

The working-class neighborhood of La Boca is home to two of Buenos Aires' most beloved attractions: the fútbol stadium La Bombonera and Caminito, an artists' district. This barrio (neighborhood) is located at the boca (mouth) of the Riachuelo River and previously spurred economic growth in the city as a shipyard. More recently, the area has become a major tourist attraction for people who want to visit the world-famous La Bombonera stadium, home to Boca Juniors, one of the biggest soccer teams in Argentina.

If you're looking for a calmer place to visit, take a stroll down Caminito, a brightly painted street that became an art haven in the 1960s after local artist Benito Quinquela Martín started painting the walls of abandoned streets and creating a performance area that artists flocked to. La Boca's most famous claim to fame, however, is being the birthplace of tango, which you can observe yourself when you see a live tango performance along the street.

Revel in the Music and Culture of Teatro Colón

El Teatro Colón, or the Colón Theatre, is one of the world's most famous opera houses and has hosted performances on its stage since 1908, featuring some of the 20th century's most respected vocalists. The theater offers guided tours of its majestic scarlet and gold interior, which features brilliant frescoes by artist Raúl Soldi. In the past 10 years, Colón Theatre has undergone major renovations to update the acoustics and stages to accommodate new and exciting performances.

Take a Stroll Through Buenos Aires' Oldest Neighborhood

San Telmo, the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires, stands as a testament to the colonial era of Argentina's rich history. While wandering down the cobblestone streets, treat yourself to a peek of the old churches, tango parlors, museums, and antique shops. Stroll through Lezama Park, the famous Russian Orthodox Church of Buenos Aires, and the Argentine National Museum of History.

Explore the Final Resting Place of Eva Perón

Located in the Recoleta barrio, the Recoleta Cemetery is the resting place of past presidents, poets, celebrated military officials, and most famously, political figure Eva Perón. Considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, you can tour the cemetery vaults, meet the famed (but often shy) cats that call the cemetery home, or look for La Dama de Blanco (the Lady in White), a legendary ghost that locals claim haunts the cemetery.