5 Ways to Relax in Hawaii

A family takes a ukulele lesson together on board their Hawaiian cruise ship.

There are few better places than Hawaii for getting away from everything. If you're one of those types that has trouble letting go of the real world or if you're just looking for things to do, Princess has a great list of ways to relax in Hawaii. Feel the "aloha spirit" on your next Hawaiian cruise — and give in to the pampering that you deserve with the following five cruise tips for relaxing in Hawaii.

  1. Indulge in Luxurious Spa Treatments

    Relaxing during Hawaiian cruise vacations are musts in our hectic lives. Spoil yourself with a facial, scrub, or massage at the Lotus Spa while you're aboard your cruise ship. Try the aroma stone therapy, which combines the heat of volcanic stones with traditional massage techniques and warmed aromatic oils. After one visit, you will understand what it means to really relax in Hawaii.

  2. Expand Your Horizons

    There's nothing more relaxing than trying something new — hula dancing, for example — surrounded by people who are just as excited to learn as you are. Bring your dancing feet and fall in love with elegant storytelling hula. A cruise to Hawaii offers so many possibilities for personal enrichment: Want to learn how to strum a ukulele or take a native language class? You can do that too!

  3. Taste the Complex Flavors of Tropical Rum

    Rum is a beloved spirit of Hawaii, featured in piña coladas and mai tais in bars across the islands. Rum has a complex flavor comprising of caramel and spice notes. Put your taste buds to the test and find your favorite new rum at an on-board rum tasting. What better way to relax in Hawaii than with a drink in your hand?

  4. Feast on Island Cuisine

    The chefs aboard your cruise ship will spoil you with the best flavors of the islands — from local-style ahi tuna poke to kalua pork in ti leaves. Nourish your body with traditional food (and feel free to order a mai tai on the side).

  5. Soak Up the Sun

    Tropical weather is one of a Hawaiian cruise's biggest draws. Find yourself sunning on the deck of your cruise ship, a drink in one hand and a good book in the other, and give in to the luxury of the tropical sun. You'll find that the longer you stay, the more your cares and worries will melt away.

Whether you are soaking in the sun after an exfoliating facial, or daring yourself to shake a limb in hula class after a rum tasting, as you relax in Hawaii you'll rejuvenate your spirits — most importantly, you'll come back new. View Hawaii cruises.

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