Six reasons to cruise the British Isles – UK Cruise holidays

Discover unexpected gems, like the Giant’s Causeway in Belfast, as you cruise around the British Isles.

You may have visited many different parts of the British Isles before, but cruising around them, seeing and experiencing Britain from the sea, offers a completely fresh perspective on this beautiful place so many call home. Here are six reasons why we think you simply must see the British Isles via a Princess cruise...

  1. Discover the unexpected
    Just a mere 209 miles from mainland England is the Channel Island of Guernsey. While the time zone and currency will be the same as that of England, the island’s white-sand beaches and sparkling turquoise sea could have you thinking you’ve reached the shores of the Caribbean. Join an excursion to the nearby island of Sark, where you can take a tour in a horse-drawn carriage from the village of La Maseline and enjoy views of the gardens of La Seigneurie – you’ll feel like you’ve landed in a fairy tale.

  2. Explore bucket-list attractions
    If you’ve already ticked off landmarks like Big Ben and Edinburgh Castle, take the opportunity to see some of the British Isles’ lesser-known gems, such as Abbotsbury Swannery (home to around 1,000 graceful birds) from the port of Portland, or the stunning Giant’s Causeway in Belfast. On a British Isles cruise you’ll also have more time ashore to explore, as the ship leaves port later in the evening and even stays overnight in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Glasgow on some itineraries.

  3. Enjoy locally inspired cuisine
    As they dock into new and exciting ports, our chefs can’t help but feel inspired. Whether they’re suggesting dishes for guests to try when out on shore excursions, such as Irish stew and barmbrack (a traditional cinnamon and fruit bread) in Belfast, or adapting their onboard menus to fit the local cuisine, like throwing a fisherman’s buffet while in Scottish waters, food is an integral part of the Princess experience – as is drink, of course, which is why everyone will suggest you sink a pint of the black stuff at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

  4. Master the art of doing nothing
    If you assumed a jam-packed British Isles itinerary was going to leave no room for a relaxing day at sea, allow us to prove you wrong. Some of our itineraries include two sea days, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the ship’s facilities. Book a luxurious treatment at the onboard spa or soak up some bubbles in one of the hot tubs on deck (don’t forget your fizz from the poolside bar). Of course, you can simply put your feet up, do nothing and let the crew members come to you – with our MedallionClass technology you can order food and drink absolutely anywhere on the ship with just a few taps on your smart phone.

  5. Get a unique perspective on wildlife
    It’s rare to be on home territory and catch sight of wildlife you’ve never seen before, but off the coasts of the Hebrides in Scotland, harbour seals, grey seals and minke whales can be spotted. Also, keep your eyes peeled for pods of orca off the shores of Orkney, while in Ireland you may spy red deer – the only native species in Ireland – which have roamed the isle since the Ice Age.

  6. Stay connected
    A British Isles cruise lets you get away but also stay connected. While it feels like you’re a million miles away from day-to-day life, cruising close to home means you’ll stay in the same time zone as family and friends, retain phone signal, have unlimited Wi-Fi with our award-winning MedallionNet and even meet up with loved ones up and down the country as you sail.

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