See the Amazing Swiss Alps and Lake Como

Lake Como

While touring Europe on Mediterranean cruises, passengers will have numerous Cruise Tours to choose from, including the sky-high adventures of the Swiss Alps. Traveling inland by train, visitors to Switzerland will be treated to stunning views of Lake Como while standing perched atop the continent's highest railway station, a staggering 11,333 feet above sea level.

Just 40 miles northeast of Milan, Lake Como is a magnificently blue body of water that sits peacefully beneath the snow-capped Swiss Alps. Surrounded by gardens, the lake evokes a sense of romance and melancholy that has inspired poets such as Lord Byron to compose eloquent pieces that attempt to capture the myriad of emotions one may feel while gazing across this beautiful landmark. Used as the backdrop for the pivotal romantic scene in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, Lake Como is the best place to share a special moment with a loved one on a Mediterranean cruise.

Further along the journey, passengers on a European cruise will head to Jungfraujoch, a stellar peak known as the "Top of Europe." On a clear day, visitors to this high-Alpine wonderland can see the Vosges mountains in France and Germany's Black Forest, located more than 180 miles away. The Ice Palace is the highest-altitude structure of its kind and lasts year-round. Construction on this unique cave-like attraction began in 1934 when a mountain guide began to chisel away at Aletsch Glacier. The palace boasts massive ice sculptures of birds and penguins, while people line the hallways that lead to an icy bar and carved benches.

Back down the slopes, passengers enjoying a European Cruise Tour will have the chance to visit Lucerne, the gateway to central Switzerland. Situated on the shallow waters of Lake Lucerne, this beautiful town is surrounded by mountains and features great little shops for souvenirs and the country's world-famous watches. Historic houses dot this carless town and provide picturesque frescoes amid churches and bustling market squares. Lucerne manages to seamlessly combine traditional Swiss architecture with innovative design at its Culture and Convention Center. As a landmark of the city, this beautiful structure complements the calm waters of Lucerne Lake without overpowering surrounding historic buildings. View Europe cruises.

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