Discover Vikings History on Cruise to Oslo, Norway

The intricate craftsmanship of viking ships

You'll have a chance to learn about a wide variety of ancient cultures on your European cruise, but some of the most unique traditions can be observed by examining Vikings history. You'll be able to explore many aspects of these ancient people if your itinerary calls in to Oslo, Norway.

One of the highlights of the Norway cruise will undoubtedly be the Viking Museum. Here, you'll be able to see the intricate craftsmanship of three different Viking ships. These boats, along with a number of ancient artifacts, were unearthed in the area surrounding Oslo. Touring this museum will give you a better understanding of the historic Viking culture.

For a more modern look at Oslo, visit Vigeland Sculpture Park. The famed Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland created more than 200 statues of iron and bronze all on his own, essentially transforming this large area within the city into a massive open-air museum exhibit.

Oslo is also well known for its stunning natural beauty, which you'll be able to experience on a relaxing cruise of Oslofjord, a magnificent mountain lake located just outside the city.

Whether you're traveling with people interested in modern Norwegian culture or Vikings history, a Norway cruise have something for everyone. View Europe cruises.

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