St. Maarten Helmet Diving

St. Maarten

If you've ever been on a Caribbean cruise before, it's likely that you've been snorkeling. As fun as it is to peek underneath the water and view the coral and animals lurking beneath the surface, you can only really stay near the surface. With this St. Maarten diving experience, though, you can change that.

By using a piece of technology that looks like it came out of a Jules Verne novel, you can actually explore the ocean floor - without even getting your hair wet.

How is this possible? If you book the helmet diving excursion, you'll find out. Once in the water, a guide assists you in attaching the helmet and tank, which constantly pumps oxygen and is sealed to avoid filling up with water. The helmet also features a motor that pushes you down to the ocean floor.

Normally, walking around with a 70-pound helmet wouldn't be much fun. But underwater, it's as light as air. Helmet diving allows participants to stay under for as long as you like and view sights like shipwrecks, a sunken sub and plenty of fish and coral. The motor attached to the helmet will propel you along the ocean floor, all under the watchful eye of the instructors.

It may sound strange, but helmet diving is an experience that must be seen to be believed. View Caribbean cruises.

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