3 Reasons to Cruise to Eleuthera Island

Enjoy a private beach on Princess Cays.

When most travelers think about taking a Bahamas cruise, they're thinking about Nassau, Paradise Island, and Grand Bahama. But Eleuthera is an island not to be missed. When you dock in the port of Princess Cays, you'll immediately realize why Travel and Leisure magazine has declared this Caribbean destination one of the best secret islands on earth.

Location, Location

Eleuthera is one of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. Located about 50 miles east of Nassau and 200 miles from Miami, Florida, it stands at a lengthy 110 miles. It's also thin, allowing it to sit on two bodies of water: the Exuma Sound, which is part of the Caribbean Sea and harbors calmer waters; and the Atlantic Ocean, which provides the lure of crashing waves.

Its location keeps the weather in Eleuthera near perfect. You'll find high temperatures in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit each day of the year, and lows that rarely fall below the mid-60s. Even if you choose to visit during the rainy season (May through October), rain showers are typically short lived, and you're guaranteed plenty of perfect summer days mixed in with any rainy ones.

Inspiring, Active Seascapes

Rising waves from the Atlantic Ocean give Eleuthera a title that you don't often hear of in association with a Bahamas cruise: surfer's paradise. The island's two vastly different sides also provide unique opportunities for divers. One of the most famous dive sites on the island, Current Cut, is great for "fast-drift diving." Here, scuba divers can drift as far as two-thirds of a mile in as little as 10 minutes. And whether you're an experienced diver or just heading out for the first time, when you dive into the waters of the Exuma Sound, you'll be amazed by the host of vibrant, flourishing sea life that awaits.

In Eleuthera, swimmers and snorkelers love the calm beneath the sea, while fishers and boaters can fall in love above the tide. Blanketed by glimmering white and pink sands, this island is sure to please everyone on a Caribbean cruise.

Breathtaking Beaches

Although all of Eleuthera is beautiful beyond compare, you'll find the best of it all on a private beach at Princess Cays. Here, a private resort awaits those on Princess Cruises to the Bahamas.

Forty acres of sheer splendor are available to guests seeking fun in the sun. You'll find everything from snorkeling equipment to banana boat rides available for the day. You'll also be able to shop on the island and refuel at a beach barbecue. Alternately, you can just sit back with a frozen drink on your lounge chair and take in the view of the turquoise water from your private bungalow. It's something that most on Caribbean cruises never get to experience. Don't miss out on Eleuthera. View Caribbean cruises.

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