Short Vacation Ideas & Tropical Getaways

Weekend getaways offer much-needed R&R.

Are you slogging away through another dreary winter? Would you love a day or two away from your stressful workload? Have you come down with an acute case of wanderlust? Here's a collection of short vacation ideas to tropical getaways, including a snapshot of everything you need to know while you get ready to for your getaway cruise vacation!

Where to Go

Before you rush off on your tropical getaway, think about the many places you can go. A warm weekend getaway to the West Coast can be just what the doctor ordered. From Los Angeles, California, cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, breathtaking coast, much-needed R&R, and (of course) fine dining.

Or spend a few days on an eastern Caribbean cruise. Dreamily cruise to the Bahamas and soak up the Caribbean rays. Or journey to the dazzling white-sand beaches of Cozumel, Mexico, on a western Caribbean cruise. Splurge on some stylish shades or a cute new bathing suit for your tropical getaway, and you'll soon forget all about those cold winter days back home.

How to Prepare

Once you've narrowed your short vacation ideas and decided on the trip you want to take, make sure you plan accordingly:

  • Purchase a flight that accommodates a shortvacation. You may want to scope out red-eye flights that can bring you to your port in time. If you live within driving distance of your departure port, consider renting a hotel room nearby to guarantee that you'll board your cruise ship with time to spare — and that you'll be well-rested.
  • Pack light. Since you'll only be away for a few days, one formal dress or suit and a couple of lounging outfits will cover you for the weekend. Don't forget a bathing suit, especially if you're going somewhere tropical.
  • Schedule time at the spa. Take advantage of onboard luxury by scheduling time at the onboard spa. It's amazing what 60 minutes of pampering can do for your mental health and well-being.

The best way to plan a quick and easy tropical getaway may be to book a short 3-day cruise. On one of Princess Cruises' many Getaway Cruises, you can live the life of luxury, visit a new destination, and come back new. View Caribbean getaway cruises.

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