Coastal Cruise Tips: Cruising the California Coast

Read about the must-see attractions, unique cuisine, and the West Coast’s signature style you’ll encounter on a coastal cruise along California.

Learn About the California Coast

There’s beauty hidden all along the California coast and deep within its historic roots. It’s one thing to visit, it’s another to understand it. These articles will show you the history behind the beauty.

2024-2025 California Coast Cruises

The Best of the West Coast. Learn more about California Coast cruises.

Tour the West Coast on a California Coastal Cruise

Though it's a single state, California makes up more than half of the West Coast in the U.S., affording it some of the most beautiful weather, Pacific coastline and destinations in the country.

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Visit San Francisco on a California Coastal Cruise

Whether staying in San Francisco for a few hours or a few days, passengers on a cruise ship will be hard pressed to avoid falling in love with this quaint yet bustling metropolitan city.

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Try Pacific Coast Cruises for a Quick Getaway Vacation

Need a quick getaway? Check out Los Angeles and Ensenada, Mexico, in one weekend on one of Princess Cruises' Pacific Coast cruises.

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Wine Cruises for Oenophiles: Taste and Learn

If you're a wine enthusiast who'd love to explore some of the renowned wineries the continental U.S. has to offer, it's time to plan a cruise.

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Food in Vancouver: Cruise to Taste the Pacific

The influence from Asia and the Pacific makes Vancouver's food some of the best in Canada. Take a cruise from Vancouver and enjoy the flavors of the city.

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Top California Coast Attractions

It wouldn’t be the best of the West without California’s iconic attractions and trademark activities. Let these articles ignite your sense of adventure.

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