The Modern Marvels of Dubai

Burj Khalifa Skyscraper , Dubai

Dubai is one of the world's most engaging destinations, as this constantly changing metropolis is on the forefront of global economic development. When you visit the city as part of an Asian cruise, you will be amazed at its myriad of breathtaking attractions.

Without question, the most eye-catching feature of Dubai is Burj Khalifa. This massive skyscraper tops out at 2,717 feet, making it the tallest structure in the world. When you first approach the building from its base, you'll marvel at its immense height; afterwards, take a high-speed elevator to the 124th floor, where you can check out the observation deck and take in views of the surrounding city, desert and ocean.

Another famous building in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab Hotel. This 60-story facility is one of the world's most luxurious places to stay, but it remains a top attraction even for those who can't afford one of its five-star rooms. With a shape evocative of a billowing sail, this hotel makes for a striking sight when juxtaposed against the rolling waves of the nearby gulf.

To experience Dubai's thriving Islamic culture, pay a visit to the massive Jumeirah Mosque. This religious institution is considered to be one of the best examples of Islamic architecture in the city, as it features impressive minarets and a soaring dome. You can also experience Middle Eastern commercialism at its finest at the city's markets, or souks. These bustling bazaars are a great place to buy a keepsake of your time in the United Arab Emirates.

At the Dubai Museum, you will be able to experience the sleepy past of this thriving town. With a collection featuring artifacts from 3000 B.C. through the city's days as a small pearl fishing hamlet, this facility gives you insight into life in Dubai before it exploded into the modern destination it is today.

Meanwhile, the Palm Jumeirah is a perfect embodiment of Dubai's modern marvels. This cluster of artificial islands is designed in the shape of a palm frond, and its leaves are lined with some of the most luxurious attractions in the world.

Dubai is much more than just towering buildings and man-made islands, however; on a visit to this city, you can experience the desert as well. In the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, you will spot a wide range of endangered species, while Dubai Creek is a unique saltwater inlet that divides the metropolis in two. View Asia cruises