Attractions Worth Visiting While Exploring Hong Kong

A view of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

There's nothing like planning an Asia cruise excursion to one of the oldest, most visited cities in the world - Hong Kong. This bustling metropolis in the heart of China is renowned around the globe for its robust population and inspirational natural attractions outside of the city.

On your Asia cruise to Hong Kong, you'll have more than enough to see as you indulge in local culture as well as fine dining and entertainment. Whether you're traveling alone or you're with your spouse, there's plenty to do as you stop to explore this hub. Here are some must-visit locations while you're engulfed in all that Hong Kong has to offer.

Victoria Harbour

The official Hong Kong tourism website states that one way to get a beautiful glimpse of the city and its larger-than-life modern skyscrapers is from Victoria Harbour. This harbor is placed in a unique location that shields it from inclement weather coming off of the coast. Here, you can take a boat cruise out into the water to view Hong Kong from afar. It makes for the perfect photo opportunity, especially as the sun sinks at the end of the day.

Hong Kong Museum of Art

Whether you have an interest in art or you simply want to indulge in the local culture, the Hong Kong Museum of Art is the place to do it. This facility has more than 15,000 different pieces of art, including sculptures and paintings. Not only are there works done by famous artists at the museum, but there are pieces created by local artists as well. The Hong Kong Museum of Art is a great example of what artists crafted hundreds of years ago in comparison to pieces created today.

Nan Lian Garden

While on your China cruise to Hong Kong, don't forget to get a breath of fresh air! The Nan Lian Garden is the perfect place to do so, according to This garden has everything from water features to rock formations that are designed to work together and take visitors away from the bustle of the city. Many local wild birds reside at the Nan Lian Garden, and it continues to be a popular destination for city dwellers and travelers passing through alike.

Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum of History is a must-visit destination on your Asia cruise vacation as you indulge in the local culture and all that the region has to offer. states that the facility has eight permanent galleries to date and four different floors, giving visitors plenty to explore as they enjoy their stay in the city. Although there is an entrance fee, the price is well worth the money when you consider how much you can learn. Here, you can discover how Hong Kong grew into the successful metropolis that it is today.

Hiking tours

Although Hong Kong is known to be one of the liveliest cities in the world, there is an abundance of nature to explore while you're in the area as well. Around the metropolis, there are several hiking trails worth exploring if you want to get your fill of wildlife during your stay at port. The official Hong Kong tourism website states that there are dolphin tours off of the beautiful coastline, as well as paths through popular areas, such as Dragon's Back.

You might not see the thrill in taking a hike up a mountain when you can explore the wonders of Hong Kong itself, but standing atop one of these areas may give you the perfect view (and photo opportunity). View Asia cruises.