Enjoy a Unique Yangtze Experience with Princess Cruises

A view of the Great Wall of China

For three nights, Princess passengers on an Asian cruise have the rare opportunity to see the ancient world of China along the Yangtze River. After sailing through the Three Gorges Dam and ship locks, travelers will embark on a trip back in time as they visit amazing sites such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and the illustrious Summer Palace.

Passing through the Three Gorges Dam and ship locks

The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest hydropower project, and passengers on Asian cruises will want to head up to the main deck to check out this modern marvel. At more than 600 feet high, this massive structure is the gateway to the Yangtze River.

After taking a few photos of this behemoth, passengers will disembark to the beautiful city of Wuhan, a booming metropolis and the perfect place to rest before continuing the Yangtze tour.

Disembark for a tour of Fengdu, China's Ghost City

On the first day of the Yangtze Experience Cruisetour, Princess passengers have the option of disembarking in Fengdu, which is also known as the Ghost City. Strange figurines and architecture embody Fengdu's ancient legend of a couple who married and developed a mastery of Taoism, eventually becoming immortals. Often shrouded in a mysterious haze, the quiet city is filled with white stone statues and fantastical portrayals of numerous ancient Chinese folklore, including the Guiwang stone carving, which looks like a massive human figure emerging from the hillside.

Fengdu is China's only ghost city, as many of the buildings are believed to be inhabited by the spirit world.

Cameras ready: The Qutang Gorge is gorgeous

Although the Qutang Gorge is the shortest of all of China's three gorges, it packs the most scenic punch. Located just around the corner from the ancient village of Baidicheng, Qutang features twin mountain peaks that soar thousands of feet into the air. The deep waters, narrow Yangtze River and miles-high mountains allow Princess passengers to take unforgettable photos.

Further along this Asian cruisetour, travelers will witness a dozen starkly imposing mountains known as the Twelve Peaks. These divine and rugged ranges have mystified Chinese people for thousands of years, exuding an eerie and tranquil air. View Asia cruises.