Best Way to See Glacier Bay National Park on an Alaska Cruise

Princess Ship in Glacier Bay National Park

The best way to see Glacier Bay National Park on an Alaska cruise is on an unrivaled adventure with Princess. Our unique itineraries take you past a mountainous landscape and across sweeping waters that are difficult to explore by foot. Whether you choose to admire the monumental glaciers while lounging on your balcony or tasting fresh Alaska seafood in the dining room, your trip to Glacier Bay National Park will be unparalleled with Princess.

What is Glacier Bay National Park?

Tucked between the vast waters of the Pacific and the historic coastline of Alaska lies one of America’s national treasures — Glacier Bay National Park. Brimming with rugged mountains, reflective waters and natural ice sculptures, this aquatic garden stretches over 3.3 million acres. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this maritime sanctuary is home to some of the world’s most spectacular tidewater glaciers like Margerie Glacier and Johns Hopkins Glacier. Amidst Mother Nature’s masterpiece lie harbor seals and sea lions while tranquil otters float peacefully across the marine surface. Occasionally, humpback whales appear, bringing with them an even greater sense of awe to the extraordinary haven.

Best Place and Time to View Glacier Bay National Park

To help preserve the wonder of Glacier Bay National Park, the National Park Service only permits admission to certain cruise lines. Princess Alaska cruises offer a close-up view to suspended cascades and adored wildlife. As you cruise through the park, feel the wave of tranquility wash over you as you take in the glory of breathtaking glaciers completely undisturbed. Even kids and teens can experience all that this national treasure has to offer through the Junior Ranger program. As Glacier Bay National Park Rangers come on board, they can help kids of all ages discover stories of these captivating lands through interactive games, activity books and engaging presentations. By the end of the program, each child receives their very own ranger badge and certificate to symbolize their journey through these unique terrains.

Wondering when to see Glacier Bay National Park? The National Park Service limits access to the park from May through September and during certain hours of the day. As authorized vessels, Princess ships can spend the day sailing through the park amidst glaciers and wildlife. While it may be summer, Glacier Bay National Park exhibits Mother Nature’s wondrous portraits all year long.

Princess Cruise Routes to Glacier Bay National Park

Princess offers several itineraries that travel to Glacier Bay National Park, including:

Our most popular itinerary is the Voyage of the Glaciers. Whether you depart from the mountainous region of Whittier or the bustling metropolitan of Vancouver, B.C., this 7-day, one-way route features Glacier Bay National Park on most departures, as well as either Hubbard Glacier or College Fjord. Upon cruising into the still waters of the bay, park rangers will come on board to talk about the natural landscapes, animals and conservation efforts surrounding you. This new wealth of information will allow you to appreciate the allure of Glacier Bay National Park even more.

What to Wear at Glacier Bay National Park

While you won’t disembark from your cruise ship, it is likely that you will spend much of the day on deck capturing photos and making lifelong memories. Much like the rest of Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park may reach temperatures anywhere between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit during cruise season. So, come prepared with light sweaters and windbreakers, and dress in layers. Consider the possibility of rain as well. While May and June are the driest months of the year for this region, July through September can sometimes bring showers. Make sure you're prepared for the experiences Glacier Bay National Park offers, whether marveling at an otter floating across the mirrored waters or hearing the roar of a calving glacier.

Princess Cruises is an authorized concessioner of Glacier Bay National Park. View Alaska cruises.

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