Best Time to Take an Alaska Cruise

A family enjoying the view of an Alaska cruise.

Best Time to Take an Alaska Cruise

The best time to take an Alaska cruise is in the summer when beauty and adventure instill a newfound sense of wonder into the Great Land. Lush green landscapes are sprinkled with delicate, magenta flowers while the horizon dons frosted alps and royal blue skies. Locals gleefully prepare for peak fishing season, and iconic wildlife take their graceful positions among the pristine backdrop. Each summer month brings new and exciting adventures – peaceful hiking trails in June, fruitful fishing expeditions in July and extraordinary flightseeing tours in September. So, the best month for an Alaska cruise depends entirely on which excursion you want to embark on during the summer season. Here’s everything to know about the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Alaska in the Summer

As the summer sun peaks over the snow-capped mountains, beloved wildlife reawaken from their winter slumber and the Great Land comes to life. This breath of fresh air yields longer days and more time to explore forested canopies and coastal waterways. In fact, June brings maximal daylight with over 18 hours of golden sunshine in the Southeast and Inside Passage regions. Princess travels to Alaska during this season so guests can maximize their time on shore and enjoy the beautiful scenery from their ship. Take a relaxing ride on Mount Roberts Tramway for an unparalleled view of Juneau’s exquisite features, or journey into the vast waters for a chance to observe 50-foot humpback whales in their natural habitat.  From emerging wildlife to lasting sunlight, early June through late August welcomes some of the most iconic moments known to the Great Land.

Alaska in the Shoulder Season

Breathe in the tranquility of the shoulder season when you sail to Alaska in May or September. With fewer crowds in May, take a step inside Alaska’s finest fisheries and taste fresh king salmon — a local delicacy — as they’re plucked from the cool waters. Revel in the rousing vibrations of May sunlight and lookout for humpback whales as they make their first appearance of the year. Or, explore the outdoors on a peaceful boat tour through deep fjords and enjoy a relaxing train ride up the sweeping mountains. As the driest month of the year, May provides optimal conditions to experience the great outdoors. While temperatures cool off in September, witness schools of halibut glisten beneath the Alaska waters and try your hand at casting a reel. Or, strap into a dog sled and venture over frosted terrains that make for an unforgettable ride. While the end of cruising season brings darker skies, guests can discover the secrets behind the mystifying Northern Lights. Although catching a glimpse of the lights is rare, learning about them is just as enchanting.

With the warmth of summer breathing new life into the outdoors, May through September continues to be the most popular season to travel to the Land of the Midnight Sun. That said, the best time for an Alaska cruise during these months depends on what experiences you’re looking to have. On any of our cruises to Alaska, embrace the beauty of life in the Great Land and leave craving more.

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