What Activities Can You Do on a Cruise Ship?

Relax with onboard activities like Movies Under the Stars

No matter where adventurers sail, onboard activities are practically limitless and ships are buzzing with excitement 24/7, whether passengers are looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience or want to enjoy an evening of spectacular live performances.

Getting educated onboard

Both adults and kids can learn a lot while on a cruise ship. Youth-friendly programs like Edutainment are a great way for youngsters to learn about the wildlife in regions where Princess sails before getting there. Pretty soon, they'll be telling their parents all about the flora and fauna of Tahiti. Additionally, children who participate in the Pete's Pals zoology program will go home with an adorable stuffed animal as a souvenir.

Older passengers looking for some brain stimulation during the time onboard can do so through wine tasting seminars, photography how-to's and dance lessons will make that New Zealand cruise ten times more enriching.

State-of-the-art fitness facilities

From gym facilities with the latest equipment to full-size lap pools as well as basketball and tennis courts, the amenities onboard a Princess cruise ship put most resorts to shame. Additionally, Princess has trained youth counselors on staff to take care of kids and give them a high-five as soon as they reach they climb out of the pool.

The entire family can get in shape together at the Lotus Fitness Center, or, if passengers are looking for more time in the sun, they can splash around at one of the many top deck pools.

Travelers looking to relax can also indulge for several hours at the Lotus Spa, which offers a full array of luxurious treatments including facials, full-body massages and slimming wraps - perfect for the day before disembarking on a Caribbean shore excursion.

Evening entertainment

A number of world-class performers got their start on cruise ships, from vocal sirens and rock bands to gravity-defying acrobats and mystifying magicians. Almost every evening is filled with more than one type of entertainment performance every night, along with a production show so that passengers can pick and choose what they're in the mood for on a particular night. Feel like dancing? Put on some comfortable shoes and head to one of the many dance floors, where awesome DJs and live musicians will play genres ranging from hip-hop to salsa.

If travelers want to laugh until they cry, they can peruse the evening entertainment schedule for a comedy or improv show that will undoubtedly knock their socks off. That's not to mention the magic of Movies Under the Stars.

Casino nights

Travelers who like to live in the moment need only walk around the ship to discover the countless activities onboard. Those who enter the casino can cross their fingers and hope that luck is on their side before sitting down at a blackjack or poker table. Of course, all Princess Cruises' casinos feature an extensive cocktail menu for men and women to sample amazing libations before tossing a pair of die onto a craps table.

Learn all about the amazing activities available on a Princess Cruises vacation.