Best Christmas Cruises

Kids in Santa hats experiencing one of our top Christmas cruise destinations

The best Christmas cruises are the ones that give you the gift of adventure and wonder. When you cruise during the holidays, choose from global destinations teeming with Yuletide spirit and wintery conditions. Or say goodbye to snow-filled roads and cruise to warmer winter lands. With Princess, the choice is yours. Here are our top Christmas cruise destinations.

Christmas Cruise Destinations Worth Celebrating

New Zealand

After a few months of cold temperatures and snowstorms, you may not be dreaming of a white Christmas after all. Embark on one of our top Christmas cruises to New Zealand and surround yourself with vibrant landscapes — like emerald hills and turquoise waters — that show no signs of wintertime. With our winter overlapping with the Kiwi summer, the only white you might see this season are the charming sailboats that decorate the coast. If you sail into Akaroa on December 25, experience the holidays with a hint of French flair. The city is home to delicious regional fare — like warm bread, fresh fish and ratatouille — inviting you to feast on a unique Christmas meal. Get a taste of sun, sea and sand on a trip to New Zealand with Princess.


Perforated paper banners, known as papel picado, in bright whites, greens and reds, are strung across buildings from window to window. Vendors line the roads below with artisanal gifts for your loved ones. Welcome to Christmas in Mexico. When you cruise into Puerto Vallarta, attend a morning service at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where Mexican culture and regal architecture fill the room. Then, head to the shore and savor seasonal favorites — like turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce — with a beachside view. Or opt for a holiday adventure with a catamaran ride to Banderas Bay. With a deep appreciation for family and fun, Mexico is one of the best Christmas cruise destinations to spice up your season.


Upon arriving in Japan, you’d never know that Christmas is not traditionally celebrated in these regions. Streets are adorned with bright white lights while a radiant tree — several stories high — acts as a beacon at the center of the Kyoto. On December 25, streets will be just as lively as every other day of the year, as locals do not spend this holiday with their families at home. Instead, many residents associate Christmas Day with date night. Join in this season of love by dining at Osaka’s best restaurants, savoring festive regional favorites like fried chicken. With a Christmas cruise destination as unique as Japan, you won’t miss the candy canes and stockings back home.

Best Christmas Cruises to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

For those who prefer celebrating the holidays at home, you can still experience the top Christmas cruise destinations to help you get in the spirit of the season. Sail to Spain in December and shop their iconic Christmas markets. When you visit Barcelona, grab a warming cup of hot chocolate and stroll through hundreds of festive stalls featuring wooden toy soldiers and hand-painted ornaments. On a cruise to Southampton in November, make your way to London’s Regent Street to see a spectacle of lights that decorate windows of some of the world’s most famous stores. Or stay close to home and explore Los Angeles, where Universal Studios and Third Street Promenade are embellished with decorations and holiday-themed food. No matter where you choose to travel, spread Yuletide cheer and explore the world before sailing home for the big day.

Why You Should Take a Christmas Cruise

Enjoy the Christmas traditions you love — like family time and delicious food — without the chores you don’t, like cooking and cleaning. When you step aboard, walk into your very own winter wonderland at sea. Find poinsettias blooming around every corner, garland woven around the railings and a decorated Christmas tree in the middle of it all. Enjoy your favorite holiday dishes prepared by our chefs alongside eggnog and cookies. Build gingerbread houses with your loved ones, watch life-like snow flurry throughout the Atrium and meet the man of the hour — Santa Claus. Book your next cruise with Princess.