The Military Cruise Benefit Program Can Send You on the Cruise of Your Dreams

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If you've always wanted to voyage through the untamed beauty of an Alaska cruise to experience glaciers, wildlife and national parks or embark on a European cruise to walk through ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean, there’s sure to be a Princess® cruise vacation that immerses you in the destination for an unbeatable value, especially if you're a service member.

Princess provides special offers on cruises to those who have served our country. Cruise discounts for military and other limited-time offers will occasionally be available. Outside of the seasonal offers, the Military Cruise Benefit Program is available all year and offers onboard spending money for any cruise to any destination. You'll have extra money for shore excursions, specialty dining, a spa service or more, on that Caribbean cruise that you've always dreamt of taking.


In order to qualify for the Military Cruise Benefit Program, you must have served in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves, or the Canadian National Defense Forces. Veterans, active and retired members of these services are eligible to apply.

Those who want to apply for the Military Personal Benefit Program can do so by completing the form on the Princess website. U.S. residents can verify their status online and Canadian residents can download a PDF form. Individuals must also be able to provide proof that they have served or are active members of one of these forces. Once your request is approved, you can embark on the Princess Cruise you've been saving for.


Before you fill out your application for the Military Personal Benefit Program, you might want to consider the restrictions in place. The offer is non-transferable and your application must be received 14 days before the departure date of your chosen cruise. You cannot combine the program benefits with casino credits, but it's possible to combine them with onboard spending money. However, many of these restrictions are easy to abide by, and a Princess representative is always willing to help if you have any questions.

Onboard Spending Money

Onboard spending money can help former and current military members sail on the ideal cruise without having to worry about onboard expenses. Those who receive approval will get a $50 credit for a cruise lasting six days or less. For a voyage scheduled for 7-13 days, a credit of $100 will be applied. Service members traveling for more than two weeks get a $250 credit.

If you've always wanted to experience an effortless and unforgettable vacation, there's no better way to do so than on a Princess cruise.