The Shops of Princess Offer a World of Savings

Fit in some shopping at the Princess boutiques

Souvenirs are always one of the best parts of a trip, and cruise vacations are no exception. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift for a loved one back home or simply a keepsake to remember your journey, The Shops of Princess have you covered.

Why buy on board when you could wait until you get to land? The reason is because all of the onboard shops are tax and duty-free. Many items are priced up to 25% lower than you'll find onshore in the U.S. Our stores have been named as the "Best Onboard Shopping Experience" for 11 consecutive years by the readers of Porthole Magazine, indiciating that, many bargain-hunters have left our ships happy with their deals.

You can purchase nearly anything in this wonderful collection of boutiques, including merchandise from popular brands such as Tissot, Tag Heuer, Longines, Swarovski, Brighton, Chanel, Dior, Chico’s and more. There are dedicated stores on board for fine jewelry by Effy, fragrances and cosmetics, apparel, fine gifts and even sundries if you forgot your sunblock or other essentials.

If you really want to snag the best deals, wait for one of the store's promotions. Be sure to stop by the retail area every day to catch when these deals are going on - or check for them in your daily newsletter.

Worried about getting everything home? On select itineraries, your package of goods can actually be arranged to be shipped home. This isn't available on all cruises so be sure to check beforehand - otherwise, just bring an extra suitcase.

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