How to Eat Well and Stay Fit on a Cruise

Take part in group exercise classes on board to stay healthy on a cruise

Departing on an unforgettable cruise vacation does have one caveat. With all that delicious food and pampering, there is the chance that you might come home with a few extra pounds. After all, with so much incredible food around you, who could blame you for going up for a second helping every once and awhile? Embarking on a Princess Cruise ship allows you to enjoy the freshest prepared food around, with bread baked throughout the day and other amazing dishes you won't find anywhere else.

And while you should certainly savor these signature meals, it's important that you come prepared with a few strategies on how to remain fit. Here are some tips on how to eat well and stay fit on your cruise vacation.

Go easy on the drinks
One of the best parts of being an adult on a Princess Cruises ship is relaxing by the pool with a refreshing cocktail or reading a book in The Sanctuary with a mixed drink. And while having a drink or two can be a great way to get yourself into the vacation mood, you should drink in moderation to keep your eating habits in check. Many alcoholic beverages can be high in calories, so it's important be smart about drinking. 

Control your portions
Princess Cruises ships feature incredible gourmet meals that boast a variety of delicious foods. The temptation to eat everything and anything might be great - and it's certainly fine to indulge a bit on vacation - but you should try to cut your portions down to size to keep your figure.

If you need a little extra encouragement to eat moderately, try skipping an appetizer or dessert course.

Don't forget to eat a good breakfast
Believe it or not, making sure you eat a good breakfast every day can be a crucial part of keeping those pounds off on your cruise vacation. Not only will this help your body get some of the essential nutrients and energy it needs early in the day, but eating breakfast also promotes a more active metabolism. By simply grabbing a bowl of cereal, banana or bowl of fruit (all available in the Horizon Court), you'll be kicking your digestive system into gear. Skipping breakfast will actually trick your metabolism into going into starvation mode - holding on to as many calories as it can until you eat your next meal.

Get out there and have fun
Don't forget to stay active and have fun while on your cruise to keep your body healthy. Whether you're touring the ship's deck, diving into the ship's fresh water pools, exploring sandy beaches on a nearby island or taking advantage of the ship's fitness center, it's important to balance your rest and relaxation with plenty of exercise. And considering all the fun you'll be having on your cruise, chances are you won't even realize you're giving your body a workout.