Get in Shape with Princess Cruises

Take advantage of the Lotus Fitness Center

The temptations of vacation lure the healthiest travelers toward bad habits, resulting in some unwelcome souvenirs on their hips and tummy. With indulgent dining options and endless sightseeing, passengers oftentimes forget to keep active and eat right, and though Italian vacations are the perfect time to try gelato, sirloin steaks and endless supplies of pizza, no one wants to come home with extra baggage around their waist.

Travelers who learn how to resist the urge to fill up their plates with cheesecake and instead feast their eyes on the salad bar will have more energy for activities. With these simple steps, a healthier cruise with Princess is just around the corner.

Take the stairs, walk around, keep moving

With as many as a dozen floors separating most cruise suites from the top decks, taking the stairs up and down is a quick and easy way to burn calories without making a special trip to the gym on a Caribbean cruise. People who take the stairs also avoid long queues during busier times in the morning when everyone is heading up to the top decks.

The upper deck on most cruise ships, including Princess ships, are bigger than most athletic running tracks, and passengers who take a few scenic laps, walking or jogging, could potentially tally up a few miles and not miss a minute of scenic ocean views.

Find the gym

On the first day of a cruise, travelers should take the time to look for the onboard gym. The Lotus Spa on Princess Cruises not only offers luxurious and relaxing massages and facials, it also has a state-of-the-art fitness center where passengers can book an appointment with a certified personal trainer or take a heart-pumping aerobics class. Each program is tailored to specific fitness needs, whether vacationers are looking to maintain their bikini body or simply want to keep active.

The Core.Balance.Strength exercise program is offered exclusively on Princess cruise ships. Designed by world-class fitness experts, the services include specialized classes, counseling and nutritional guidance that helps passengers maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle. Core classes will focus on pilates training and flexibility while the balance component features yoga lessons. Themed after Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation, the Tour de Cycle spinning class rounds out the program with the ultimate calorie-burning strength training.

Choose active shore excursions

Whether traveling on a Mediterranean cruise or sailing to the Bahamas, Princess has dozens of shore excursions where passengers can go hiking, scuba diving or participate in fun activities that promote active lifestyles. Working out does not have to mean spending hours in the gym on a treadmill, and there's no better way to experience a popular destination than to explore on foot, bike or with a mask and snorkel.

On a Hawaii cruise to Kauai, Princess passengers will have the opportunity to go on a jungle mountain trek through the Kipu Ranch. Meant for active cruisers, this excursion lasts all day and those who participate will reap the benefits some exercise when they hike to a waterfall for lunch and explore the lush valleys in the afternoon.

Opt for greens

The pitfall of any cruise vacation is the buffet line. Bottomless corn fritters and chicken wings may look delicious, but passengers who want to stay healthy on vacation should stick to the greener side of the food court. Princess Cruises offers top-of-the-line cuisine with the freshest ingredients, and the Horizon Court has boundless low-calorie options.