What Not to Do on a Cruise

Avoid things not to do on a cruise for more time spent like this

Top Five Cruise Mistakes to Avoid

If you’ve sailed before, you most likely know that there are certain things not to do on a cruise. From racking up data charges to misunderstanding your cruise fare, many first-time cruisers miss out on opportunities both onboard and ashore because they’re unprepared. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of what not to do on a cruise to help you make the most of your vacation. Here are five things to not do on a cruise.

Misjudge Your Cruise Fare

One of the most important things not to do on a cruise vacation is to neglect the details of your fare, otherwise known as the price of your cruise. Cruising isn’t an all-inclusive vacation, but it can come close when you sail with Princess®. When you book your cruise vacation, enjoy complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner in:

  • Casual dining venues
  • Anytime Dining™ restaurants
  • Main dining rooms with our Traditional Dining option 
  • Your room with 24-hour room service

From salads and seafood to cheesecake and sundaes, feast on locally-inspired dishes made fresh by our chefs. If you choose to indulge in soda, wine, beer or specialty cocktails, you will need to pay an additional fee. Many guests have learned that one of the biggest things not to do on a cruise is limit yourself. Vacation is all about having fun, which is why you can pay the one-time price of our beverage package and enjoy unlimited drinks during your time on board.

You can also partake in any of our onboard activities with no extra charge. Dance your way through a morning Zumba class, test your knowledge in Afternoon Trivia or watch nightly Movies Under the Stars®.  Even kids can frolic through the Youth & Teen centers without a worry — but specialty activities like the Jr. CHEF@Sea cooking workshop and late-night Group Kidsitting will cost you a small fee.

Ignore Cellular Data

Surprising phone bills serve as a great reminder of what not to do on a cruise ship. Whether sailing along the coast or cruising overseas, we recommend that you disable data roaming and switch your cell phone to airplane mode to avoid unexpected charges during your trip. But this doesn’t mean you can’t keep in contact with your loved ones while on your cruise vacation. Stop by the Internet Café on board any Princess ship and use one of our computers to send an update to your family. Or connect to MedallionNet®, available on all MedallionClass™ ships, and message, video chat, stream content and post to social media with ease. Those not traveling on a MedallionClass ship can connect to Princess@Sea. View event schedules, ship maps and account details, or learn about your itinerary ports and message other guests in your party.

Neglect Travel Insurance

Between flight delays and unexpected cancellations, some mishaps are out of your control. That’s why neglecting travel insurance is one of the most important things not to do on a cruise vacation. With Princess Vacation Protection (PVP), enjoy the Cancellation Fee Waiver, a non-insurance feature provided through Princess Cruises, travel insurance benefits underwritten by Nationwide®, and non-insurance emergency assistance services. With different plans and prices to choose from, find the one that works best for you and your budget. If you miss your connecting flight or lose your luggage, enjoy a stress-free holiday with Princess Vacation Protection.


With unique destinations and year-round sailings, what you pack for your cruise vacation will depend on where and when you travel. If you’re heading to a tropical destination during the summer, consider bringing warm-weather items like swimsuits, sandals, shorts and lightweight shirts. Those heading to cooler climates should pack layers as the weather can fluctuate from day to night. One of the most helpful tips regarding what not to do on a cruise is booking excursions after you arrive and not having proper attire. We recommend that you book your adventures ahead of time so that you can pack any additional items you may need. For example, you may decide to bring hiking poles if exploring the trails of Alaska or water shoes for rafting down the rivers of Costa Rica. If you’re worried about overpacking, remember that it’s better than being underprepared. Best of all, cruising offers the convenience of only unpacking once, so you don’t have to haul your suitcases from port to port. That means bringing a couple extra items probably won’t hurt.

Pick the Wrong Cruise Line

Whether it’s your first cruise or your first time visiting your dream destination, your time aboard and ashore should be special. That's why the most important thing to not do on a cruise vacation is to travel with an inexperienced cruise line. After 50 years of sailing to some of the world’s most sought-after destinations, Princess has been named one of the best cruise lines and best cruise lines for first-timers — and for good reason. We’ve partnered with Discovery™, Animal Planet™ and Bon Appetit to bring you award-winning shore excursions. Our onboard experiences make every ship feel like its own destination, and the addition of MedallionClass brings seamless service and personalized attention to every enabled ship. So before you book, make sure your cruise line of choice is delivering the quality you want at the price you need.