Best Family-Friendly Cruises

A family boarding a Princess ship

Whether your itinerary is three days or three weeks, all Princess family cruises create a lifetime of unrivaled experiences and unforgettable memories. From adventure seekers to history lovers, each destination boasts something special for everyone — children and parents included. Discover the best family-friendly cruises from Princess.

Best Cruises for the Adventurous Family

Bring your family on a riveting adventure with these New Zealand cruises from Auckland. Strap on your bright yellow helmets and paddle down the thrilling Kaituna River aboard an eight-passenger raft. Revel in the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand’s untouched forests that surround the lively waters. Or, fasten your seatbelts and set out on a safari expedition along pebbled river beds, rolling pastures and dimpled gullies as you climb to the top of Cape Kidnappers. Feel your heartbeat soar as you stand atop the towering, 371-foot bluff and overlook the mesmerizing ocean below. With notable departure and return ports that have just as much to offer, extend your family’s expedition by flying over Rangitoto Volcano in Auckland or scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Wherever you choose to explore, you’re bound to feel the electrifying pulse of New Zealand on a family cruise.

Best Cruises for the History-Loving Family

Rewind time and explore new cultural landscapes on a roundtrip British Isles cruise from Paris (Le Havre). Visit Stonehenge and examine the mythical, monumental stones that so often inspire theories about ancient history. Uncover secrets from your guide about their purpose and the people who built them while your children craft their own, whimsical ideas. Or, get a taste of Dublin’s rich history by delighting your taste buds in a beloved boxty — a pillowy potato pancake — from a local chef. Visit the world-renowned Dublin Castle and grant your kids the opportunity to walk in the famous footsteps of Ireland’s most impressive rulers. The lasting remnants of Britain’s past will give a new meaning to history for the entire family.

Best Cruises for the Budget-Conscious Family

Let go of financial concerns and take back your family vacation on a roundtrip West Coast Getaway from San Francisco. Walk along the palm tree-lined streets of San Diego and head to Balboa Park where family members can see artists at work and witness live street performances. In the Botanical Garden, feel the invigorating warmth penetrate your skin as streams of light pour through the glass ceiling, creating shadows of the tropical palms on the ground below. In Ensenada, visit the largest marine geyser in the world – La Bufadora – and marvel at the sporadic, 100-foot high fountain. Or, walk to Riviera del Pacifico and watch the musical spectacle of Mariachi bands as colorful dancers move to the beat of the lively Mexican guitarrón. For those ready to relish in utter relaxation, stay on board even when docked. From friendly basketball tournaments and dance classes to late night movies and elegant parties, there is no shortage of fun for kids of any age. Meanwhile, parents can lounge poolside as the radiant California sun paints your skin with ivory hues. Or, attend an art auction and learn about the history of each piece with a sparkling glass of bubbly in hand. Exploring the world shouldn’t come with a daunting price tag — and with Princess, it doesn’t have to.

Best Cruises for Big Families

Every family — big or small — deserves the chance to set sail on a Princess cruise. On a roundtrip Western Caribbean Getaway from Fort Lauderdale, everyone — including relaxed retirees and energetic kids — can enjoy the Caribbean vacation they’ve always dreamed about. With a convenient, domestic port of departure, everyone can enjoy a whimsical, tropical vacation without traveling too far from home. Whether you want to enjoy activities on your own or together as a group, there is no shortage of entertainment for all ages to experience. While the children feed the iconic camouflaged iguanas of Honduras, grandparents can unwind on the white-sand beaches or go for a refreshing dip in the crystalline waters. Or, involve the whole family in learning how to make authentic salsa while sampling your creations with homemade tortillas. Then, dance the day away or master the art of hammock weaving and take home the fruit of your labor. In addition to unparalleled shore excursions, all Princess ships were designed with your family members in mind. Find ample wheelchair access throughout the ship as well as at most ports of call during your family cruise. Even your young ones can discover endless entertainment — including friendly competitions as well as Camp Discovery youth and teen centers. Whether you choose to stay on board or venture into new lands, these cruises boast something for everyone in the family.

The best family cruises are the ones that bring loved ones together. With family at the heart of every itinerary, create lifelong bonds and memories when you set sail with Princess.