Best Cruises for Young Adults

Young Adults hanging out in the Beach House

Our itineraries are widely recognized as being family-oriented vacations, but they’re also among the best cruises for young adults. With endless entertainment on board and unforgettable excursions on shore, there’s a world of exploration awaiting teens and those in their 20s. Whether setting out on a trip with your best friends or your family, here are the best cruises for young adults.

Most Fun Cruise Ships for Young Adults

The most fun cruise ships know that onboard activities are just as important as onshore excursions. That’s why all of our ships give young adults the freedom to explore on their own with unique onboard entertainment. The Beach House invites teens ages 12-17 to meet their peers in this surf-themed hangout. With movies, video game competitions and dance classes, they can stay entertained while making lifelong friends. In addition to the Beach House, all of our ships include programs exclusively for teens, like our Rock the Boat Party. With a red carpet-lined entrance, hand-crafted mocktails and chart-topping music, this night-long celebration is what makes our ships one of the best party cruises for a younger crowd.

Best Cruises for Young Adults in Their Teens

Even more important than the ship is the destination. The best cruises for young adults involve locations with action-packed adventures like the Eastern Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii. Snorkel past shipwrecks in the Cayman Islands. Embark on an off-road adventure through Cabo’s Wild Canyon by way of UTV. Or, zipline 1,000 feet above the ground over lush canopies in Kauai. With Princess®, there’s no shortage of excitement for teens and young adults alike.

Best Cruises for Young Adults Traveling with Friends

We know teens won’t always travel with their families, which is why we created our three-to-five day Getaways. As an affordable option for those looking to travel with friends, they’re one of the best cruises for young adults. Our itineraries include voyages on the West Coast and the Caribbean, so guests can visit iconic stateside cities or enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the tropics. For adults 21 and older, experience Wine Country without the extra fees of hotels and transportation. Taste perfectly ripe champagne, or dine al fresco with a picnic in the vineyards. In the Caribbean, embark on a thrilling speed boat ride to Passion Island, where complimentary food and beverages await. On any of our Getaway cruises, young adults can take the vacation that they want without sacrificing money that they need.

When planning your next vacation, remember that the best cruises for young adults are those that offer engaging activities both on land and on board. Experience the best of both worlds when you sail with Princess.