Best Kid-Friendly Cruises

Kids Enjoying Bunk Beds in their Stateroom

Finding the best cruises for kids isn’t a challenge with princess. Aboard every ship lies a world of entertainment. From friendly basketball tournaments and dance classes to late-night movies and elegant parties, there is no shortage of fun for children and parents alike. Discovery at sea invites families to uncover mother nature’s secrets from destination experts or learn how to spot cosmic constellations with stargazing. Not to mention, camp discovery brings kids together to build lego boats, decorate cakes and compete in sporting activities. The experiences continue on land with excursions like relaxing beach getaways and tours that take you back in time to make history come alive. Whether traveling with infants or teens, here are the best kid-friendly cruises from princess.

Cruises for kids ages 6 months to 2 years

Adventure has no age requirement. That’s why our itineraries were crafted with you — and your infants and toddlers — in mind. To test the waters with your newborn, embark on a four-day western caribbean getaway from ft. Lauderdale. This unique itinerary includes two days at sea and one port of call — cozumel, mexico. Relax on white-sand beaches, and soak up the warm caribbean sun while your young one naps in the soothing shade of an umbrella. At playa mia grand national park, miniature pirate ships and sand-castle slides invite children of all ages to dip their toes in the shallow waters and adventure through the colorful water structures. For a culturally enriching experience, head to x-caret eco-archeological park where kids can gawk at prowling jaguars and vibrant parakeets amidst the lush habitats. From the coral reef aquarium and bird sanctuary to the museum and mayan ruins, navigating the park is effortless with stroller rentals, making your time on land enjoyable for all.

Cruises for kids ages 3-12

With a convenient port of departure, the five-day cabo san lucas getaway from los angeles is perfect for kids eager to gallop through the warm golden sand into refreshing waters. Cabo san lucas offers the ideal stage for outdoor adventures easily experienced by shore excursion. From parasailing over the reflective ocean surface to soaring through canyons on a zipline tour, kids will want to come back for more — and they can with two full days in port. Strap on imaginary safari hats on an expedition through unspoiled terrains and roam secluded shores atop camels. The memories they bring home will inspire their imaginations for years to come.

Best cruises for teens

Old enough to appreciate the rich history and classical cultures, a seven-day european explorer from barcelona is the best cruise for kids ages 13-17. After one day at sea, revel in four consecutive days on land exploring new ports of call and uncovering ancient treasures. Keep teens fascinated on an exhilarating kayak tour through the bay of cadiz or on a walking tour among the golden, gothic-style buildings in seville. Enjoy panoramic views of the enchanting lands while also getting up close and personal with the local wildlife — including soaring storks and majestic flamingoes. In lisbon, embark on a half-day excursion to portugal’s towering town of sintra. Dotted in lemon yellows and scarlet reds, this small city sits among lush hills and grants visitors 360-degree views of portugal. Saunter through lavish royal residences, and explore sintra’s flavorful history of feudal lords and monarchs.

Best cruises for young adults

Make the most of your children’s summer vacation with the 18-day brazilian adventure from ft. Lauderdale. Step into treasured plantain homes in martinique where you can learn about the production of the island’s most cherished crop. At the end of your tour, taste bananas straight from the field as you admire historic creole architecture. At your next stop, hop in a 4x4 jeep wrangler and journey along tree-studded roads and up grandiose mountains for breathtaking views of st. Kitts. Or stroll by pastel-colored houses and boutiques lining the cobbled streets of pelourinho, a unesco world heritage site, and relive brazil's portuguese colonial past. During your last few days, visit the 125-foot christ the redeemer statue and the iconic rio de janeiro cathedral for insight into the country’s rich spiritual history that has influenced cities around the world. Wherever your journey takes you, capture timeless photos and make awe-inspiring memories for your children along the way.

With various cruises for kids, our itineraries can ignite a newfound sense of wonder in any child — no matter how old they are. Give your kids the everlasting gift of adventure on a cruise with princess.