The Ultimate Guide to the Best Adult Cruising Experience with Princess

Sun Princess in Santorini, Greece.
Sun Princess in Santorini, Greece.

Life can be hectic, and everyone deserves a chance to unwind—picture this: a serene getaway where you can relax away from daily life's chaos. A cruise can just be the place to experience this lovely serenity.

While Princess Cruises welcomes families and kids aboard, we also offer luxurious and relaxing adult-only areas, like the Sanctuary, where you can enjoy a serene escape. These adult-only areas allow you to have a tranquil vacation, perfect for reconnecting with your partner, relaxing by the pool, diving into a bestseller, or just doing nothing except enjoying the moment.

Let’s dive into what these adult cruise experiences entail and how to get started with your unforgettable vacation.

What Makes Princess Cruises the Top Choice for Adults?

Couple relaxing in bed in a Princess Stateroom.
Sun Princess Stateroom.

An adult cruise experience is choosing to spend time and participate in activities for 16 years and older passengers. Why pick this type of cruise activity? Here’s why we think it’s a spectacular way to spend your vacation:

  • Relaxation at its finest

    Adult cruise experiences and areas can include spas with various treatments and saunas at the spa. The Enclave® spa has a rain shower, therapeutic air jets, heated stone beds, and a sauna with different temperatures and aroma infusions. You can even choose from a Turkish-style, Roman-style, or sensory Siberian shower for tranquility.
  • Pools you can enjoy

    There is no need to worry about getting splashed or listening to screams on the waterslides. Adult cruise experiences include pools designed for peace — so you can recharge and enjoy your unbelievable excursions at port. The Sanctuary consists of a romantic hideaway with a distinctive white cover, plus various other cabanas to relax. The Retreat pool is relaxing during the day and a lovely place to enjoy music and drinking at night. So, while you’ll be on the ship with the kids, you’ll completely forget that when relaxing at the Retreat pool.
  • Social interaction

    While there will be people of all ages on the cruise, the adult activities and areas will be full of people you’d love to meet. Spending time in the Sanctuary allows you to meet new people and forge friendships. Drinks by the pool can be a great way to meet your new best friend!
  • Delicious food

    No vacation is complete without luxurious meals and desserts. After all, half of the point of a cruise is to try new foods and indulge in delicious food you don’t have to cook yourself. Trying more high dining options is a way to enjoy quiet and fantastic cuisine.
  • Variety of activities and excursions

    You can choose a variety of experiences that are specifically geared toward adults. They’re exciting, exhilarating, and unforgettable. They’re the experiences you’ve always dreamed of. Picture: adventure, romance, and more!
  • It's a perfect romantic getaway

    Selecting adult cruise activities can create the ideal venue for a romantic getaway. Whether it’s your 50th anniversary or honeymoon, you can curate your cruise into your perfect romantic vacation. Picture you and your lover relaxing on the beach or exploring a cosmopolitan European city. All of that can be exquisitely romantic.
Couples relaxing at the Sanctuary top deck space
The Sanctuary top-deck space.

Exploring Princess' Adult Cruise Offerings

Princess Cruises offers luxurious and relaxing adult-only experiences that can help you design a beautiful vacation. Whatever you love, you’ll find it on Princess. These are some of the specific Princess adult-only offerings:

  • The Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary Collection is an offering on Princess Cruises that can provide you with a peaceful and exquisite experience. With this package, you get an exclusive suite that is the most luxurious accommodation at sea, with spacious staterooms, large balconies, and spectacular views. On top of that, you get access to an adults-only Sanctuary club. This tranquil deck has special lounging areas, drink menus and luxurious snacks.
  • Casino

    World-class gaming awaits on a Princess ship. Head off to the casino to enjoy your favorite games, unique drink selections, and an adults-only area of the ship.
  • Entertainment

    Princess Cruises provides adult-oriented entertainment that will make it feel like you’re away from the noise and busyness of the main ship. For example, the live jazz bar brings you back to the roots of jazz music with delicious craft cocktails. You might also enjoy the Spotlight Bar with live music or Encore performances.

What Adult Experiences Are On Board?

Why Choose Adult Offerings
Charcuterie plate from Sabatini's Trattoria.

We carefully curate all of our on-ship activities, specialized amenities, and excursions for adults. These are some of the specific reasons to choose Princess Cruises:

  • Gourmet dining

    Princess Cruises has been ranked as the best cruise for food lovers, and for good reason. You can choose from casual dining to elegant dining to specialty dining. Dining on the ship is perfect for meat lovers, seafood enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs, pub-goers, and anyone else. With specialty selections, you can choose gourmet Italian or surf and turf. You can even design your mouth-watering multicourse meal. The Sanctuary Collection provides you with a private restaurant. No more waiting in line, just luxury cuisine.
  • Spa services

    From unique heat treatments to a relaxation lounge, passengers can enjoy premium spa services. You can even select a couples’ treatment or massage to amplify your romantic getaway. It’s not a real vacation without a trip to the spa, right?
  • More customization

    Princess Cruises allows you to tailor your experience on the ship. Pick and choose what appeals to you and create your dream vacation.

Destinations Perfect for Adult Cruise Experiences

Destinations Perfect for Adult Cruises
El Convento, Puerto Rico.

The world is your oyster because you can travel nearly anywhere with Princess. These are some of the prime destinations that are perfect for romantic adult cruises:

  • The Caribbean

    Picture yourself on the satin soft white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise sea. There’s nothing more romantic than that. Set sail to the Caribbean, where you can bask in the tropical sunshine, snorkel, shop, relax on the beach, and explore over 30 island ports. This is the epitome of relaxation. After all, sometimes the most romantic activity to do together is to relax and feel at peace.
  • Canada

    You might not immediately think of a Canadian cruise as a prime romantic destination, but that’s just because you haven’t heard enough about it. Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with nature galore and cosmopolitan cities. It’s the ideal destination to see glaciers and the glittering jewel of Montreal. The excursions on this cruise are geared towards adults. They’re exciting and adventurous—or relaxing and romantic. Plus, fewer families select this cruise destination, so your ship is bound to be quieter.
  • New England

    Nothing is more beautiful than rolling hills of fall leaves, and that’s what you get with a New England cruise. Experience the quaint villages of the Northwest and the delicious lobster feasts. This is another quiet and peaceful destination, with excursions designed for adults.
  • Panama

    The jungle is the peak of romance and adventure. Have exciting excursions with other adults looking for the adventure of a lifetime.
  • The Mediterranean

    The Mediterranean may sound like a small sea, but the amount of beautiful places you can see is nearly limitless. From the ruins of Athens to the white cliffs of Corfu, you can spend your romantic trip exploring Greece. Or you can stroll the streets of Rome and experience the awe-inspiring art of Florence with an Italian getaway. You can even hit Paris, the city of love! Whatever you’re looking for, the Mediterranean offers it all.
  • Hawaii

    Imagine staring at a dazzling sunset while strolling a black-sand beach hand-in-hand with your special person. That can become a reality with a Princess cruise in Hawaii. Explore Maui or Kauai and lose yourself in paradise.

Are You Prepared for the Ultimate Adult Cruise Experience?

What to Expect on an Adult Cruise in 2024
Sapphire Princess.

Your cruise can be the vacation of a lifetime. Knowing what to expect in the cruising industry and on board can help you prepare and maximize your enjoyment:

  • Ships are filling up quickly

    In the last couple of years, deals have often been to help fill empty rooms on cruise ships due to the lingering effects of the pandemic. However, 2024 is looking to be a full year of cruising. People are excited to get out and see the world. While you’ll need to book in advance, your ship will be full of other excited travelers to meet and dine with. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Search cruises now.
  • The average age of a cruiser is younger

    The average cruising age in 2024 is expected to be 46. That means whether you’re older or younger than that, there will be plenty of people your age looking to take an adult cruise in 2024. That bodes well for socializing and finding activities tailored to your interests. If you’re not into lounging by the pool the whole time, more people and excursions are designed to provide adventure, too.
  • More on-the-water experiences

    More cruises are looking to expand their shipside offerings and provide more experiences. More ships are going to be swoon-worthy vacation destinations in their own right. Add in the ports, and a cruise vacation will be unforgettable.
  • Bring all important documentation

    Before you get on your cruise, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need. The most important thing is to bring all the necessary documents. That includes your ID, passport, visa, medical insurance, and credit cards. Having these in one place can make it easy to pull out anything you need on the ship or the shore.
  • Bring smart casual clothing

    Adult cruises can be an elegant or casual experience. Princess Cruises has a smart casual dress code and a wide clothing range. You will want casual outfits to take shoreside (don’t forget a jacket, too) and more formal wear for dining and events. This adult cruise can allow you to dress up and let yourself shine.
couple standing by the outer railing in sun princess
Sun Princess outer railing, next to Sphere.


A cruise is a dreamy opportunity to get away for a while and relax. It can also be your chance to see sites you’ve only dreamed of. Choose your favorite destination and spend your trip seeing the world. Selecting experiences geared toward adults can help you experience the serenity you want and the adventure you crave. Princess has it all: a day at the spa or zip-lining through the jungle.

Book your next vacation with Princess Cruises to experience your dream getaway.

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