Chill out in Christchurch

Cruises are a great time to "chill out," but those who take an Australia/New Zealand cruise will have a chance to chill in a much more literal way.

The picturesque city of Christchurch in New Zealand offers a wealth of opportunities for exploration and fun. Yet one of the most interesting experiences one can engage in is to pay a visit to the International Antarctic Centre (IAC).

According to the New Zealand Herald, the IAC is rated as the top Antarctic attraction in the world - though it likely doesn't have too much competition, as the experience here is entirely unique.

The IAC functions as somewhat of a museum for the entire continent, with exhibits tracing the history of explorers and scientists who have braved the conditions to get there. Travelers might not have a chance to the penguins found at the South Pole, but they will have a chance to interact with New Zealand's brand of baby blue penguins, which are officially the smallest penguins in the world and unofficially the cutest.

Those brave enough can step into an area that simulates the actual temperatures one feels in the Arctic - equipped with a special polar jacket, of course. Still, travelers likely won't want to spend too much time in this room, as the simulation reportedly gets down to below zero degrees Fahrenheit. 

Christchurch, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand