Indulge in a True Italian Classic

Want a taste of “la dolce vita”? Look no further than Gelato, our gelateria on board the Enchanted Princess℠ and Sky Princess®.

One of Italy’s most famous desserts, gelato was created in the 16th century for the legendary Catherine de' Medici of Florence and quickly spread beyond its borders. Call it a sugary delight, heaven in a bowl – just don’t call it ice cream. Its creaminess doesn’t come from lots of butterfat, it comes from the process of mixing balanced ingredients which means it has less fat and fewer calories than American ice cream. Bonus!

We offer the real Italian product, producing it fresh with Italian-certified ingredients and equipment each day in our pastry kitchen. Our corporate pastry chef trained with the best Italian chefs at the Gelato Carpigiani University in Bologna and the Gelato Comprital Atheneum in Milano to uncover the secret to making this sweet treat. Choose from a variety of flavors – from fior di latte and hazelnut to tiramisu and pistachio, even dairy-free, fat-free sorbets and sugar-free, fat-free gelato – and enjoy them by themselves or in such tasty combinations as “coppe” and “affogato.”

Experience this sensation for yourself in Gelato, designed by Italian artisans to reflect a shop you’d find in one of the country’s many piazzas. The new Italian-style gelato treats are currently available onboard Sky Princess and will roll out to the rest of the fleet throughout 2020.