Music as Medicine

Scandic Health llc is founded by Anne Taylor RN, BSN who was introduced to the evidence-based MusiCure Music as Medicine® from her homeland of Denmark after a close family member was in recovery from a mental health crisis. MusiCure Music as Medicine® by musician and composer Niels Eje, is specially composed music created specifically to have a relaxing positive and mentally stimulating effect on the listener.

With more than 18 years of creative development on a foundation of clinical research results, MusiCure is now being used in a variety of different types of treatments and therapies around the globe. MusiCure has received the prestigious Dr. Blair Sadler Award of the Healing Arts In US Healthcare. The scientific research from the use of MusiCure has been published in many international medical journals and publications. Princess Cruise Lines are the first to introduce the MusiCure Sleep program which is uniquely designed by composer Niels Eje, is designed to lull you to sleep. The sleep program was created in collaboration with the well renowned Dr.Michael Breus.

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