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Corner Brook, Canada

Corner Brook is located on the west coast of Newfoundland nestled among the Long Range Mountains. The coastline is filled with magnificent fjords, thick forested areas and jagged headlands. For thousands of years, people have lived and worked along the shores of the Humber River Valley and the Bay of Islands. The Port of Corner Brook has been welcoming cruise ships for more than 30 years. Nestled in the sheltered Bay of Islands, the 35 kilometre (22 mile) sail into Corner Brook is a favorite among cruise passengers, especially in the fall when the Blomidon Mountains are ablaze with vibrant autumn leaves. James Cook was the first to survey and record the geography of the Bay of Islands. Most of the maps he created are displayed at the Captain James Cook Monument. This picturesque region has many groomed walking trails as well as many thriving communities. Mount Moriah, Benoit's Cove, John's Beach and Frenchman's Cove and Lark Harbour are some of the fishing and mountain communities on Captain Cook's Trail.

Points of Interest

  • Corner Brook
  • Captain Cook Monument
  • Captain Cook's Trail
  • Gros Morne National Park
  • Old Man in the Mountain
  • Local Culture (Food & Art)

More about Corner Brook, Canada Points of Interest

  • Corner Brook -

    Tour the charming City of Corner Brook, the second largest city in Newfoundland. Located on the scenic Humber River, Corner Brook offers many interesting landmarks and lush scenery.

  • Captain Cook Monument -

    Visit the Captain Cook Monument. Perched high atop Crow's Hill, overlooking the city and the Bay of Islands, this national historic site displays reproduced charts mapped by Captain James Cook and offers spectacular panoramic views.

  • Captain Cook's Trail -

    Enjoy the local beauty, and take advantage of several photo stops on a bus tour of a portion of Captain Cook's Trail. Explore the scenic Bay of Islands and the charming fishing village of Lark Harbor during your trip.

  • Gros Morne National Park -

    Explore the dramatic geology of Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As Prince Edward noted, "What the Galapagos are to biology, Gros Morne is to geology."

  • Old Man in the Mountain -

    This dramatic rock feature overlooks the scenic Humber River. Legend has it that the "old man" is watching over a pirate's buried treasure. Stop and enjoy the photo opportunities at this beautiful site.

  • Local Culture (Food & Art) -

    Sample the local cuisine of Newfoundland as you experience traditional songs, jigs and music. Enjoy the freshest seafood and game, and feast on delectable desserts made with local berries.

7 Excursions

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Gros Morne National Park & Light Lunch

7 hours | Corner Brook | YNF-100 Y N F - 1 0 0

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From $209.95

Average Guest Rating

Captain Cook Monument & Old Man in the Mountain

2 hours | Corner Brook | YNF-110 Y N F - 1 1 0

Easy Activity

From $94.95

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Captain Cook's Trail & Fishing Villages

4 hours | Corner Brook | YNF-120 Y N F - 1 2 0

Moderate Activity

From $114.95

Average Guest Rating

A Flavor of Corner Brook – Food, Frolic, & Fish

4 hours | Corner Brook | YNF-150 Y N F - 1 5 0

Moderate Activity, Includes snack

From $154.95

Average Guest Rating

The Tablelands - A Rare Piece of Earth

7 hours | Corner Brook | YNF-380 Y N F - 3 8 0

Moderate Activity, Includes meal

From $199.95

Average Guest Rating

Steady Brook Falls Zip-Line Adventure

2 hours | Corner Brook | YNF-420 Y N F - 4 2 0

Strenuous Activity

From $179.95

Average Guest Rating

Corner Brook Nature Scenic Walking Tour

3 hours | Corner Brook | YNF-470 Y N F - 4 7 0

Moderate Activity, Includes snack

From $74.95

Average Guest Rating