A couple exploring Denali Park on an Alaska cruisetour
Beautiful mountains behind Denali National Park

Denali National Park

Explore the reaches of this legendary park

Denali National Park is home to the tallest mountain in North America, Denali at 20,310 feet, as well as over six million acres of diverse wilderness. This includes the famous Big Five — grizzly bears, moose, wolves, Dall sheep and caribou. With only one park road, nature exists as it has for thousands of years, and your visit offers a glimpse into an era that most can’t imagine, even in their wildest dreams.

Denali National Park Tour Options

A couple exploring Denali Park on an Alaska cruisetour

See Denali National Park — your way.

This narrated tour through Denali National Park spans four and a half hours and takes you to Primrose Ridge at mile 17. Several interpretive stops enhance the experience with an hour of off-bus experience. Beginning with a stop at the Denali Bus Depot, learn about the creation of the Denali Park Road with the film “Across Time and Tundra.” Next, visit the historical Savage Cabin to learn how the cabin was once used, and how it continues to be used today. Finally, a stop at Primrose Ridge to experience a memorable Alaska Native presentation will enlighten you with how the land has been used for nearly 10,000 years! Most cruisetours include this park tour.

2023 Price: $115 USD adult, $60 USD child. Note: This does not include the Denali National Park entrance fee which is $15 USD. This fee is charged separately with Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses.

The Tundra Wilderness Tour lasts five hours and will guide you along the spectacular road corridor to mile 43, promising a wonderful experience, as Denali’s wildlife moves at its own pace and according to the seasons. Travel to the Murie Cabin near the East Fork River to experience where Adolf Murie lived while conducting his famous research inside what was then known as Mount McKinley National Park!

2023 Price: $150 USD adult, $84 USD child. Note: This does not include the Denali National Park entrance fee which is $15 USD. This fee is charged separately with Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses.

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Denali's Big Five

The royalty of Alaska.
A grizzly bear at Denali National Park in Alaska

Brown bears, also known as grizzlies, are lucky enough to call Denali National Park home thanks to abundant food and a safe environment. These bears are solitary creatures that hunt, fish and forage on their own. As you travel through the park, you’ll likely find them wandering the open tundra in search of their next meal, or you may uncover their footprints that tell a story of their latest adventures.

Weighing over a thousand pounds and towering above the heads of most people, moose are an impressive sight. They’re most often found roaming the forests of Denali National Park or grazing on plants along the tundra. Moose are even known to make a splash as they swim toward tasty aquatic plants. Surprisingly fast, strong and imposing, moose are also well-adapted to the snow with wide feet and warm coats.

Wolves symbolize Alaska wilderness. They’re a rare and special sighting, as they usually stay far from visitors whenever possible. However, Denali National Park’s wilderness status makes it one of the only places where wolf sightings are more common. They live, hunt and raise their pups in small packs, and their howls can often be heard echoing throughout the land.

Dall sheep are identifiable thanks to their large, curved horns and thick white coats of fur. Males are often recognized when fighting over a mate, creating a unique dance as they run into each other and lock horns. There is a good chance of seeing these creatures on the hillsides of Denali National Park, where they use ridges and steep slopes for feeding, resting and eluding predators.

As they wander along the tundra, a herd of caribou is usually detected by their massive horns, long faces and brown fur. While they’re called reindeer in other parts of the world, that name is strictly reserved for domesticated caribou in Alaska. Whether they’re traveling with their young or looking for mates in the spring, there are many chances to see caribou when you visit Denali National Park.

More to Consider

More information to help you plan your day in Denali.
Two women enjoying the view of Denali park on an Alaska cruise

How to Book or Change Your Park Tour

Park tour availability is limited and is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If your Alaska cruisetour does not include a Denali National Park tour, reserve your spot via the Cruise Personalizer, by calling Princess Cruises or contacting your travel advisor. To change the Denali National Park tour on an existing booking, please call Princess® or your travel advisor.

Mountain view of Denali National Park in Alaska

Helpful Tips

  • Water is provided on all Denali National Park tours.
  • A box lunch can be purchased at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge®.
  • We suggest you bring warm clothes, rainwear, insect repellent, binoculars, a camera and personal medication as necessary.
  • Tour buses are school buses. The park road isn't paved after mile 15.
A group hiking in Denali National park on an Alaska cruisetour

Other Park Activities

A shuttle service can take you from the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge® to the main visitor center or the Horseshoe Lake Trailhead – a 3-mile trail full of beautiful pathways and beaver dams. If you choose to explore the visitor center, watch films about the park, check out cultural and historical exhibits of Denali National Park and join hikes lead by knowledgeable park rangers.

Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge®

The perfect home base for exploring Denali National Park.
Aerial view of Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge in Alaska

Located less than a mile from the Denali National Park entrance, Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge® is your home base for exploring the Great Land’s beloved nature preserve. All Alaska cruisetours exploring the wonders of Denali will have the chance to stay at this unforgettable lodge. With the comforts of home, incredible dining options and expert-crafted excursions, discover your ideal way to explore the Great Land.

Learn more about the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

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