Plenty to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The country's official port of call is Rotterdam, but passengers on a European cruise will likely want to take the opportunity to explore the nearby city of Amsterdam when their ship stops in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is approximately two hours away by car, giving you plenty of time to see the main highlights of this incredibly diverse city. If you book a shore excursion that includes Amsterdam, your transportation will be provided in the form of an air-conditioned motorcoach.

Once in the city, the various options diverge. Those who simply want to see a few of the main attractions can take a driven tour that will show off landmarks such as the Baroque Royal Palace, Weeper's Tower and the Nieuwe Kerk.

Amsterdam is also famous for its canals, and it's possible to book a leisurely tour among the city's waterways as well. While many travelers celebrate Venice and its romantic canals, the truth of the matter is that Amsterdam actually has more waterways in terms of mileage.

If you want to spend more time in a particular place, it may be helpful to book a tour of the famous Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank House. These excursions will let travelers the chance to really spend some time in these famous buildings, while still allowing some free time for shopping or a quick bite to eat.