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Let Princess® be your guide to some of the most exciting cruise vacation destinations in the world; such as Alaska, Asia, Canada, California, The Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Australia, Panama Canal, South America, and Hawaii.
Prepare for your next journey by reading about things to do and highlights that span across our diverse cruise itineraries.

Cruise Tips and Information

A Cruise Vacation Planner makes it even easier to escape completely

Whether you want to embark on a Alaska cruise or you've always dreamt of taking a Hawaiian cruise vacation, there's a Cruise Vacation Planner ready and willing to help you choose the perfect Princess Cruises itinerary.

Embark on the trip of a lifetime with a Princess Cruises vacation

Princess Cruises is known for its amenities such as The Sanctuary and the Lotus Spa, as well as live entertainment.

Tips on what to pack for a cruise

Here are a few tips on how you should pack your bag before you leave for an exciting adventure on the high seas.

02/01/2013 Finding and Comparing Cruise Vacations
10/31/2012 How to eat well and stay fit on a cruise
10/12/2012 Tips for Cruising with Kids
09/20/2012 Maiden Voyages on Royal Princess® visit the world's most spectacular locales
09/20/2012 Packing tips for a warm weather cruise vacation
08/30/2012 Discovering all of the highlights of Emerald Princess®
08/23/2012 Grand Princess set to become a San Francisco base ship in 2013
08/16/2012 The Military Cruise Benefit Program can send you on the cruise of your dreams
08/16/2012 The Royal Princess is set to launch in June 2013 with endless amenities
07/26/2012 Packing efficiently for your Princess Cruise to a chilly region
07/26/2012 Cost of Cruising
07/26/2012 Timeline for planning your cruise
07/19/2012 Small or Large Cruise Ship
07/19/2012 Sail Together, Save Together on a Group Cruise Vacation
07/19/2012 Land Explorations While Cruising
07/12/2012 Cruising with the family
07/12/2012 Older Cruise Ships Get Shipshape
07/12/2012 The value of pre- and post-cruise vacation stays
07/05/2012 All the single ladies: Cruising is perfect for bachelor travelers
07/05/2012 Tips for booking a shore excursion
06/28/2012 Cruising converts: Going sailing for the first time
06/28/2012 What activities can you do on a cruise ship?
06/28/2012 When is the best time to go cruising?
06/28/2012 Cruising through cultures
06/21/2012 Cruising in the morning, afternoon, evening: A day in the life
06/21/2012 Cruising with the kids: Activities for the whole family
06/14/2012 Tips for getting the best cruise spa treatment
06/14/2012 This year's top cruise trends
06/07/2012 Say "I Do" on a cruise
06/07/2012 Disembark for these unique shore excursions
05/17/2012 Get in shape with Princess Cruises
05/10/2012 Global etiquette: How to behave on an international cruise
04/18/2012 Packing for a Princess cruise vacation
06/28/2011 Celebrate your wedding with Princess
06/24/2011 How to make friends and meet people on a cruise
06/21/2011 Pop the question on your Princess Cruise
06/17/2011 Island Princess named best mid-size cruise ship
05/04/2011 On-the-go dining options
04/27/2011 Delicious dining experiences available onboard
04/27/2011 Onboard boutiques offer a world of savings
04/01/2011 Go behind the scenes with the Ultimate Ship Tour
03/29/2011 Escape to The Sanctuary for a day of rest and relaxation
03/29/2011 Remember your trip with photography and video
03/24/2011 Take advantage of special kid and teen activities
03/22/2011 Onboard library and discussion club cater to bookworms
03/15/2011 Take advantage of the ScholarShip@Sea program
03/02/2011 Honeymoons and anniversaries done right
03/02/2011 Bid on exquisite art onboard
02/28/2011 Enjoy special treatment at the Chef's Table
02/28/2011 High-stakes action at the onboard casino
02/28/2011 Lotus Spa offers a variety of treatments
02/28/2011 Stateroom dining is the ultimate luxury
02/21/2011 Exciting nightlife on your Princess Cruise

Alaska Cruise & Cruisetour Articles

Whale watching at Icy Strait Point, Alaska

For travelers with a need for exploration and discovery, it's difficult to top an Alaskan cruise.

Visit San Francisco on a California Coastal cruise

Whether staying in San Francisco for a few hours or a few days, passengers on a cruise ship will be hard pressed to avoid falling in love with this quaint yet bustling metropolitan city.

Best things to do in Skagway, Alaska

Now that the summer has brought warm weather to the Northern hemisphere, many American travelers have decided to explore the country's largest state ? Alaska.

11/29/2012 Three glacier viewing experiences not to miss on an Alaskan cruise
11/28/2012 Juneau's three best points of interest at sea
08/09/2012 Experiencing the natural wonders of Alaska on a Princess Cruise
05/24/2012 Cruise to the rugged side of Alaska at Icy Strait Point
05/17/2012 Take an Alaska cruise to view amazing glaciers
05/03/2012 See the most of Fairbanks on Alaska cruisetours
03/22/2012 Adventure, history awaits in Sitka, Alaska
03/06/2012 Cruise to Alaska's "First City" Ketchikan
05/27/2011 Be charmed by the wonders of Victoria, British Columbia
05/03/2011 Military history in Vladivostok, Russia
03/07/2011 Learn about Alaska's Russian heritage in Sitka
03/07/2011 Hike the Tongass Rainforest in Sitka, Alaska
02/28/2011 The "Deadliest" trip in Ketchikan, Alaska
02/15/2011 History and hammers in Haines, Alaska
02/03/2011 Activities for everyone in Anchorage, Alaska
02/01/2011 Lumberjacks and totem poles in Ketchikan, Alaska
02/01/2011 See the Space Needle in Seattle
01/27/2011 Strike gold in Skagway, Alaska
01/25/2011 Denali National Park offers guests beautiful natural scenery

Asia, India, and Africa Cruise Articles

Five places travelers can't miss in Taipei on an Asian cruise

Located on the island of Taiwan just off the coast of China, the city of Taipei is an incredibly rich and diverse hub to explore on an Asian cruise vacation.

Top 5 scenic sites in Sapporo

Explore Lake Toya and experience the Historical Village of Hokkaido when you book an Asian cruise vacation that calls in Sapporo.

Top five sites to see in Cambodia on an Asian cruise

Travelers can explore historical sites like the Ruins of Angkor, Psar Lu Market and Phnom Penh on an Asian cruise that calls in Cambodia.

12/17/2012 Three Hong Kong sites travelers can't miss
12/17/2012 Why Singapore remains unforgettable on an Asian cruise
11/08/2012 Explore the history and culture of Mumbai
10/18/2012 See the best of China on an Asian cruisetour
08/16/2012 Cruising through Southeast Asia and exploring the sights
08/02/2012 Attractions worth visiting while exploring Hong Kong
05/17/2012 Enjoy a unique Yangtze experience with Princess Cruises
05/10/2012 High rises amidst Buddhist temples in Busan South Korea
04/26/2012 Find peace and tranquility during an Asian cruise in Ho Chi Minh City
03/29/2012 Sail to serene Japan with Princess Cruises
11/10/2011 The wonder that is Male, in the Maldives
06/29/2011 Dive into the exotic culture and desert beauty of Muscat, Oman
06/27/2011 Discover Indian culture in Mumbai
06/22/2011 Learn about the diverse cultural influences of Mangalore
06/16/2011 Appreciate the lush landscape of Langkawi, Malaysia
06/15/2011 Check out the sky-high attractions of Kuala Lumpur
06/10/2011 Enjoy the sweet air of Asia in Inchon, South Korea
06/09/2011 Experience a blend of cultures in Ho Chi Minh City
06/08/2011 The modern marvels of Dubai
06/07/2011 Experience the melting pot of Cochin, India
06/06/2011 Discover the Hindu heritage of Chennai
06/03/2011 Marvel at the majestic stone formations of Halong Bay
06/01/2011 Royal and religious culture in Bangkok, Thailand
04/20/2011 Bright lights in Hong Kong
02/15/2011 Adventurous cuisine in Hong Kong and Singapore
01/26/2011 Cruise into Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Canada & New England Cruise Articles

Visit Victoria, British Columbia, on an Alaska cruise

Travelers can get a taste of British sensibility when their Alaskan cruise stops in Victoria, British Columbia.

Travel back to the nation's founding on a Historic America cruisetour

If you're on the hunt for an all-encompassing tour that will take you right into the pages of history, you can't go wrong with a Historic America cruisetour from Princess Cruises.

Head to Halifax, Nova Scotia, for scenic beauty and historical fun

Summer is upon us, and for many travelers that means that it is time to head out and explore the world.

05/16/2011 Celtic influences abound in Sydney, Nova Scotia
05/11/2011 French elegance in Quebec City
05/11/2011 Explore the history of Halifax, Nova Scotia
05/06/2011 Offbeat things to do in New York City
05/06/2011 See the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on a trip to New York
05/03/2011 American history in Charleston, South Carolina
04/29/2011 History and baseball in Boston, Massachusetts
04/29/2011 Explore the extravagant Newport Mansions
04/28/2011 Hike through Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine
01/28/2011 Soak in the scenery in Bar Harbor, Maine

Caribbean Cruise Articles

Escape to Bonaire, St. Thomas and Aruba on a Caribbean cruise

Tropical wonders like Bonaire Marine Park, Blackbeard's Castle and Aruba's California Lighthouse are waiting to be discovered on a Caribbean cruise from Princess Cruises.

Three of San Juan's hidden hot spots

Amazing attractions like Old San Juan, Fort San Cristobal and El Yunque National Rainforest await explorers who book a Caribbean cruise with Princess Cruises.

Offbeat points of interest to see in Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is a tropical island destination with fun attractions like Dunn's River Falls, Dolphin Encounter and Mystic Mountain, and you can enjoy all of these and more with a Panama Canal cruise from Princess Cruises!

09/20/2012 Viewing the natural splendors of Dominica
09/20/2012 Princess Cruises offers numerous itineraries to those looking to explore St. Thomas
08/30/2012 Exploring St. Maarten's lush beaches and exotic wildlife
08/23/2012 Princess Cays offers luxury and entertainment for travelers
08/09/2012 Exploring the wonders of the Caribbean on a Princess Cruise
08/02/2012 Three popular attractions and locations to check out in Aruba
05/31/2012 Adventures Abound on the Island of Roatan
05/24/2012 Cruise to the Western Caribbean from Galveston, Texas
05/03/2012 Escape on a Caribbean cruise with Princess
04/18/2012 Taste the flair of French-Dutch cuisine on a Caribbean cruise to St. Maarten
03/27/2012 Live in the lap of luxury on a Caribbean cruise to St. Thomas
03/05/2012 Explore the tropical history of Tortola
02/29/2012 Experience the spicy culture of the island of Grenada
12/21/2011 Belize offers adventure in Central America
09/06/2011 Top five captivations of the Grand Cayman Island
08/31/2011 Experience the wonders of Nassau, in the Bahamas
08/30/2011 Top landmarks on the twin islands of St. Kitts and Nevis
08/26/2011 A number of ways to enjoy Galveston Island, Texas
08/24/2011 Five interesting locations in Bermuda, the oldest British colony
08/24/2011 Top five areas to explore in Antigua and Barbuda
06/02/2011 Maritime history and intrigue in Bermuda
05/26/2011 Explore the tropical wonders of St. Thomas
05/25/2011 Witness the stunning natural beauty of Scarborough on the island of Tobago
05/25/2011 Family fun in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
05/23/2011 Experience Trinidad and Tobago's vibrant island culture
05/20/2011 Witness the natural beauty of Barbados
04/15/2011 So much to see in Grand Cayman
04/14/2011 Something for everyone in St. Lucia
04/11/2011 Unspoiled natural beauty on the island of Dominica
04/11/2011 Sand, sun and sea in Nassau, Bahamas
03/29/2011 Plenty of fun on the island of Grenada
03/17/2011 Lots to see and do in Port of Spain, Trinidad
03/11/2011 Snorkel and SCUBA in Tortola, British Virgin Islands
03/07/2011 Land and sea adventures in Aruba
02/24/2011 Mystic Mountain offers a bird's eye view of Ocho Rios, Jamaica
02/24/2011 Helmet diving in St. Maarten
02/23/2011 The many shades of Blue Curacao
02/21/2011 Martinique: A slice of France in the middle of the Caribbean
02/17/2011 Adventure, culture and more on the island of Barbados
02/08/2011 Swashbuckling and more in Antigua
01/31/2011 Something for everyone on a Grand Turk vacation
01/31/2011 Roatan is a Caribbean wildlife paradise

Europe/Mediterranean Cruise Articles

Experience the beauty of Naples on a Mediterranean cruise

Vacationers who visit Naples on a Mediterranean cruise have the chance to experience the marvels of Pompeii, Capri, Positano and the Italian countryside.

Tour the Iberian Peninsula on a European cruise

Vacationers looking for the European cruise of a lifetime shouldn't hesitate to book an Iberian adventure that takes them through Portugal and Spain.

Top destinations to explore in Istanbul on a Mediterranean Cruise

If you're looking to explore a city steeped in history, don't miss out on a Mediterranean cruise that takes you to Istanbul, where you can see the Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace Harem and the Grand Bazaar.

10/31/2012 Sail north to Stockholm on a European Cruise
10/18/2012 Delve into history on a majestic Northern European cruise of the British Isles
08/02/2012 Inspiring destinations to visit while you're cruising through Greece
07/26/2012 Sights to See While Cruising Through the British Isles
07/24/2012 Must-visit Destinations on Your Trip Through Iceland
05/31/2012 The Magdalena Fjord: Sitting on top of the world with Princess Cruises
05/31/2012 Take an Olympic-themed tour with Princess Cruises
05/24/2012 Step back in time on a cruise to Montenegro
05/24/2012 Cruise through the natural oddities of the Canary Islands
05/10/2012 Cruise to Rome: The Eternal City
05/10/2012 Visit luxurious Tunisia: An oasis of ancient history
05/03/2012 Step out of Copenhagen for a unique European cruise
04/26/2012 Visit the site of the original Olympic Games in Katakolon, Greece
04/26/2012 Enjoy pleasant walks through the Art Nouveau city of Alesund, Norway
04/18/2012 Exploring the historical architecture of Venice, Italy on a Mediterranean Cruise
04/02/2012 European cruises to Gdansk offer exciting history
03/30/2012 Live like an Italian for a day in Livorno, Italy
03/26/2012 Visit ancient Roman ruins in Morocco
03/26/2012 Cruise to Italy's Amalfi coast with Princess
03/26/2012 See the amazing Swiss Alps and Lake Como on Princess Cruises
09/12/2011 Six adventures in Aghios Nikolaos, on the Island of Crete
07/11/2011 Roman intrigue in Naples, Italy
06/30/2011 Relax on the sun-kissed beaches of Mykonos
06/14/2011 Explore the Montenegrin countryside from the city of Kotor
06/13/2011 Contemplate religious history in Jerusalem
06/09/2011 Check out the castles and galleries of Glasgow
05/31/2011 Explore ancient monuments in Athens
05/17/2011 Something for everyone in Cyprus
05/13/2011 Overlooked sights in London, England
05/13/2011 See the Godafoss Waterfall and more in Akureyi, Iceland
05/05/2011 The port of Sete offers access to famous French sites
04/26/2011 See Helsingborg, Sweden, and Helsingor, Denmark, along the shores of the Oresund
04/22/2011 Experience the beauty of Madeira, Portugal
04/20/2011 Cornwall offers an alternate view of England
04/20/2011 History buffs will love Aarhus, Denmark
04/20/2011 Nice, France, is the gateway to the French Riviera
04/20/2011 See Rome in a day
04/15/2011 History reigns in Marseilles, France
04/14/2011 Vacation on the beautiful isle of Cephalonia, Greece
04/11/2011 Spain's Canary Islands make for an incredible day at the beach
04/11/2011 Discover Viking on a cruise to Oslo, Norway
04/08/2011 Historical buildings in Casablanca, Morocco
04/08/2011 Famous landmarks galore in London, England
04/04/2011 Learn the history of Berlin, Germany
04/04/2011 Koper, Slovenia, has surprises in store
04/04/2011 Tunisia offers a unique take on history
04/01/2011 Exploring Paris in a day
03/31/2011 Art, food and more in Bilbao, Spain
03/31/2011 Architecture and history in Helsinki, Finland
03/31/2011 Separate fact and fiction in Santorini, Greece
03/29/2011 Sightsee across the beautiful Orkney Islands
03/29/2011 Visit Hamburg while your ship completes the Kiel Canal
03/28/2011 Locks of love in Paris, France
03/24/2011 Beautiful architecture in Lisbon, Portugal
03/24/2011 Adventures on land and sea in Istanbul, Turkey
03/24/2011 The island of Sardinia offers a full day of fun
03/22/2011 Discover the Faroe Islands
03/22/2011 More to Liverpool than Beatles and soccer
03/17/2011 Explore history and culture in Portimao, Portugal
03/17/2011 Mykonos and Delos offer two distinct experiences in the Greek isles
03/09/2011 A royal tour of Copenhagen, Denmark
03/09/2011 Explore Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens at night
03/07/2011 Sample traditional British dishes with the Pub Lunch
03/04/2011 Meet the Beatles in Liverpool, England
03/02/2011 Sintra and Cascais offer two visions of Portugal
03/02/2011 Experience the sacred site of Fatima in Portugal
02/24/2011 Learn about Celtic history in Quimper, France
02/24/2011 Travel under the sea in Brest, France.
02/23/2011 Old world elegance in Dubrovnik, Croatia
02/23/2011 Plenty to do in Amsterdam
02/21/2011 More than just the Leaning Tower in Pisa, Italy
02/17/2011 Normandy, France, offers WWII history
02/17/2011 Locks of love in Paris, France
02/15/2011 Walk among the ruins of Pompeii, Italy
02/15/2011 Explore the secluded isle of Capri, Italy
02/15/2011 A year-round festival in Cannes, France
02/15/2011 Poll: European cruises offer great value right now
02/11/2011 Visit the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland
02/11/2011 Golf and royalty in Edinburgh, Scotland
02/11/2011 Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland
02/11/2011 The hunt is on in Inverness, Scotland

Mexico Cruise Articles

Go on a voyage of discovery to the enchanted region of Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada, Mexico, is full of natural splendors and museums that will take you back to a different time.

Cabo San Lucas offers exotic escapes on land and sea

Cabo San Lucas has everything from water sports to a bustling nightlife for those looking to get away from it all.

Live in the lap of luxury in Manzanillo, Mexico

While the city of Manzanillo on the Mexican Riviera may have only become a top resort destination in recent memory, it has a long and storied history as one of the country's most important centers for shipping and trade.

03/29/2011 Mayan ruins and more in Cozumel
01/27/2011 Mexico Riviera Cruises offers the Dual Nature of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo

New Zealand & Australia Cruise Articles

Travel to Dunedin and Auckland on a New Zealand cruise

Passengers on a New Zealand cruise with Princess Cruises have the chance to see exciting and beautiful attractions like the Auckland Harbor Bridge, Sky Tower and the Taieri Gorge Railway.

Take an Australia cruise to the best Pacific destinations

Australia is an incredible place filled with beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife and some of the most enviable weather on Earth.

Australia cruise offers up Sydney's most exciting destinations

Travelers looking to explore the wonders of the Southern Hemisphere and Pacific rim will be sure to have the time of their lives sailing to Sydney on an Australian cruise.

08/16/2012 Brisbane has much to offer to families and couples alike
08/09/2012 Hot spots to visit while traveling Down Under on your Princess Cruise
05/24/2012 Get to know Auckland on a New Zealand cruise
05/17/2012 Catch a rare solar eclipse on an Australian Cruise
05/03/2012 Experience a thermal wonderland in Tauranga, New Zealand
10/25/2011 Traverse the natural areas of Port Douglas, Australia
10/18/2011 A collection of activities to pursue in Hobart, Tasmania
10/17/2011 Townsville, Australia, a magnificent cruise destination
07/06/2011 Maori culture and history comes alive in Tauranga, New Zealand
06/08/2011 Experience the majesty of Fiordland National Park
06/07/2011 The natural scenery and colonial history of Darwin, Australia
06/03/2011 Dive into the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforests of Cairns
06/01/2011 Marvel at the scenic beauty of New Zealand's Bay of Islands
05/11/2011 Apia is your gateway to Samoan culture
04/22/2011 Cultural immersion in American Samoa
04/20/2011 Multiple eras tell the story of Guam
04/18/2011 Learn all about the Tongan people in Nukualofa
04/14/2011 Cliffs, coffee and coconuts in Lifou, New Caledonia
04/14/2011 Explore Western Australia after going ashore in Fremantle
04/14/2011 Hang with kangaroos in Townsville, Australia
04/14/2011 Explore the famous country of Brunei
04/14/2011 Port Denarau is your gateway to Fiji
04/04/2011 Eclectic culture and gorgeous scenery are the highlights of a trip to Wellington, New Zealand
04/04/2011 So many ways to explore the waters of Bora Bora
03/31/2011 Explore wildlife outside Melbourne, Australia
03/29/2011 Diverse options in Auckland, New Zealand
01/28/2011 Chill out in Christchurch

Panama Canal Cruise Articles

Immersing yourself in Central American culture on a Panama Canal cruise

The Panama Canal can give you the opportunity to dive into the rich culture, history and traditions of Central America.

Exploring the picturesque sites and lush rainforests of Limon, Costa Rica

Costa Rica and Limon has everything from culture-filled museums to friendly sloths in the wild.

Booking your Princess Cruise to the exotic Panama Canal

If you want to explore the Panama Canal and experience the culture in this region of the world, there's no better way to do so than a Panama Canal cruise vacation.

08/02/2012 Exploring the natural and historical splendors of Panama City
05/31/2012 Antigua, Guatemala: The jewel of a Panama Canal cruise
05/10/2012 Connect with nature on a Costa Rica cruise
08/29/2011 The beautiful sites of Ocho Rios, Jamaica
07/07/2011 Find adventure and beauty in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
05/27/2011 Have a volcanic adventure in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
05/27/2011 Mayan and colonial heritage in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala
05/26/2011 Island adventure in Montego Bay, Jamaica
05/26/2011 Delve into the history and engineering marvels of Panama City
04/07/2011 Experience the nine bays of Huatulco, Mexico
04/05/2011 Rainforest fun in Limon, Costa Rica
04/01/2011 See the cliff divers of La Quebrada in Acapulco, Mexico
04/01/2011 Soak up the history in Cartagena's Old City
04/01/2011 Famous landmarks aplenty in San Francisco
03/24/2011 Something for everyone in Costa Rica

South American Cruise Articles

Uncover hidden jewels on a South American cruise

Explore the wild beauty of the Amazon with a South American cruise that takes you from the tropical beaches of the Caribbean to the deepest regions of the rainforest.

Join in the meeting of cultures in Salvador, Brazil

The city of Salvador, Brazil, is rich with cultural heritage, as it has served as a meeting point of European, indigenous and African people for hundreds of years.

Stand on the equator in Quito, Ecuador

Tucked in a lush valley in the heart of the Andes, the Ecuadorian capital of Quito is an amazing destination for travelers on a South American cruise.

05/24/2011 Witness the stunning landscape of the port of Punta Arenas, Chile
05/24/2011 Marvel at the mountains of Puerto Montt, Chile
05/23/2011 Cosmopolitan culture in Buenos Aires
05/20/2011 Celebrate the Boi Bumba Festival in Parintins, Brazil
05/19/2011 Explore all that Rio de Janeiro has to offer
05/18/2011 Delve into the rich cultural and natural heritage of Manaus
05/18/2011 Explore the penal colony of Devil's Island
05/18/2011 Experience the natural wonders of Ushuaia, Argentina
05/12/2011 Observe penguins in the Falkland Islands
05/12/2011 Beach life in Brazil's Fortaleza
04/28/2011 View the "Meeting of the Waters" in Santarem, Brazil

South Pacific, Tahiti & Hawaii Cruise Articles

Spend a day in Moorea on a South Pacific cruise

The South Pacific island of Moorea offers beautiful beaches and weather for travelers looking to enjoy fun in the sun.

Bora Bora's top three beautiful points of interest

Travelers looking to enjoy the clear water, tropical wildernesses and pristine beaches of the South Pacific should consider visiting Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

Kauai offers exciting excursions for active travelers

Amazing tropical destinations like Kilauea Point Lighthouse, Grove Farm Homestead and Waimea Canyon await when you book a Hawaiian cruise with Princess Cruises.

11/15/2012 Top 3 things to see in Honolulu on a Hawaiian cruise
10/18/2012 Tour the West Coast on a California Coastal cruise
08/30/2012 Seeing the sights and sounds of Maui on a cruise
08/28/2012 Comparing the value of a Hawaii cruise to a land-based vacation
08/23/2012 Honolulu is full of attractions on and off the beach
08/23/2012 Natural wonders worth exploring while docked in Hilo, Hawaii
08/09/2012 Examining the many Hawaiian Princess cruises and programs
02/24/2012 Finding "bula's" essence in Fiji
06/13/2011 Check out the scenic vistas of Kauai
04/14/2011 Hiking, snorkeling and juice on the isle of Moorea
04/07/2011 Raiatea, French Polynesia, is an island paradise
03/29/2011 Experience nature's power in Hilo, Hawaii
03/29/2011 History, culture, adventure and more in Honolulu, Hawaii

World Cruise Articles

Six continents, one cruise: Where Princess sails

The world's greatest historical, natural and cultural destinations can be experienced on a cruise, and with Princess, no stones are left unturned.

Escape to Guam, Micronesia's mini paradise

Guam' Chamorro population has little reason to complain about their beautiful island paradise.

Five examples of areas featuring the amazing animals, culture and geography of Richard's Bay, South Africa

Richard's Bay, South Africa, is a gateway into the many wonderful natural areas of this spectacular continent.

11/02/2011 Saipan's five best areas to explore
05/13/2011 Egyptian ruins at Luxor and Karnak
04/26/2011 Adventure and culture in Durban, South Africa
04/18/2011 Mystery and history on Easter Island
04/15/2011 Ride on elephants in Ko Samui, Thailand
04/14/2011 Learn all about voodoo culture in Lome, Togo
04/14/2011 Sail on a fjord in Bergen, Norway
04/11/2011 Hiroshima, Japan, is an unforgettable experience
04/07/2011 Breathtaking beauty in Kristiansand, Norway
04/07/2011 Live the high life in Monte Carlo, Monaco
04/07/2011 See the pyramids in Alexandria, Egypt
04/05/2011 Visit the famous Rock of Gibraltar
03/31/2011 Culture and beauty in Shanghai, China
03/31/2011 History, architecture and more in Lima, Peru
03/30/2011 So much to see in Astoria, Oregon
03/30/2011 Explore Wadi Rum or Petra after disembarking in Aqaba, Jordan