FAQ: Keeping In Touch

To provide greater peace of mind, we make it easy to stay in touch, whether you're making a phone call or surfing the web in the Internet Café. Click on a topic headline to view detailed information relating to your selection.

Travel Summary


Your Travel Summary, an electronic version of the cruise ticket, is available online via the Cruise Personalizer®. The Travel Summary provides the following booking details and options:

  • Cruise Summary
  • Flights 
  • Itinerary 
  • Packages & Transfers (if purchased) 
  • Important Notices 
  • Pre-Reserved Shore Excursions 
  • Lotus Spa Appointments 
  • Special Services (if purchased by the guest)

Contact Phone Numbers


To provide greater peace of mind while you're away from home, give friends and relatives the following information on how to telephone you. For all ships in the Princess Fleet, dial 877-656-7447. Calls will be charged to a credit card in both the US and Canada. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card (not Canadian) are all accepted. The cost for each call is $8.95 USD per minute or $11.95 CAD per minute and is subject to change without notice. When calling, please include passenger name and stateroom number to ensure quick delivery.

Passengers may use their personal mobile devices onboard while at sea in international waters and in other areas where such use is permitted. A compatible mobile device and a service plan capable of roaming internationally with Maritime Communications Partners AS is required. Please contact your wireless service provider for availability and rates. 

For calls originating outside of the US and Canada, the following numbers should be used, preceded by your country's International Direct Dialing (IDD) code and the global ocean code 870. Please contact your long distance service provider for pricing. For example, if you would like to call the Ocean Princess in the Pacific Ocean from the United States, dial 011 870 773 156 737.

Caribbean Princess764 947 526764 947 528
Coral Princess765 068 575765 068 582
Crown Princess764 597 398764 597 410
Dawn Princess331 043 710331 043 712
Diamond Princess323 500 757323 500 758
Emerald Princess761 118 492761 118 494
Golden Princess331 034 410331 034 430
Grand Princess765 077 833765 077 841
Island Princess331 038 410331 038 414
Ocean Princess773 156 737783 152 781
Pacific Princess765 073 115765 073 116
Regal Princess765 120 542765 120 547
Royal Princess765 111 847765 111 852
Ruby Princess764 877 443764 877 445
Sapphire Princess331 040 510331 040 514
Sea Princess765 087 732765 087 734
Star Princess331 036 114331 036 118
Sun Princess764 050 768764 050 770

En Route Delays


If you encounter unforeseen flight or weather-related delays on sailing day, we suggest you immediately advise an airline representative at the airport that you are a cruise passenger destined for sailing that day. Typically, airlines are able to arrange alternative flights at the airline counter for passengers to continue with their travel to the point of embarkation. It is the airline’s responsibility to make alternate flight arrangements resulting from a delay or cancellation.

In the event costs are incurred, you are responsible for out of pocket expenses. If you have purchased travel protection, costs incurred as a result of trip delay are likely to be covered by Trip Delay protection. Please ensure to keep all receipts for submission and contact your travel plan administrator for assistance and clarification.

If your delay involves missing the ship in the port of embarkation, you must immediately contact the En Route Desk to confirm that you will be permitted to join the vessel at the next port of call. In certain instance, you will not be permitted to join the vessel at the next port, if the late embarkation will result in a violation of the Passenger Vessel Services Act (PVSA).

Upon learning your new flight arrangements, we ask that you immediately contact Princess with your new flight information for our records. You may call us toll-free at 800-545-0008. This special number is operational only in the United States and Canada.

Outside of the United States and Canada you may reach us at 661-284-4410. Within Australia, use 13 24 88. Princess representatives are available to answer this emergency en route line from 
5 a.m. - 8 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, and 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific Time, Saturday and Sunday.

After hours support is available in the event of “en route” delays. These calls will be routed to our customer service centers in Australia or the United Kingdom, subject to the time of call. Our representatives will record your new flight information into your booking record.

If your checked baggage is delayed or misdirected by a common carrier, immediately report this to the carrier. Once you arrive onboard, report this delay to the Passenger Services Desk, providing the claim number and bag description.

As a courtesy, the onboard staff will assist in following up with the airline; however, any costs incurred in forwarding the luggage to the ship is at the passenger’s expense. Passengers who have purchased travel protection should verify with their policy carrier regarding Baggage Protection, which may include baggage delay coverage. Please keep all receipts for submission and contact your travel plan administrator for assistance.

If you have purchased Princess Vacation Protection and Princess FlightChoice Air and experience a delay reaching your cruise or land package, and you require assistance booking flights, accommodations, and transfers, please contact On Call International toll-free at 866-509-7712, or from outside the U.S. or Canada call collect at 603-894-9386. Payment is required up front for these arrangements, but can be submitted to the plan administrator for reimbursement of eligible expenses after your trip. Once your new arrangements are confirmed, the representative at On Call International will contact the En Route Desk to provide us with the details.

IMPORTANT: The En Route numbers provided above are for unforeseen delays. If you have any other questions, please contact your travel consultant. Princess is not responsible for any airline delays regarding Baggage Protection, which may include baggage delay coverage. Please ensure to keep all receipts for submission and contact your travel plan administrator for assistance.

The Internet at Sea


Internet access is available on all Princess vessels through our 24-hour onboard Internet Cafe and wireless network -- which is available in staterooms and various public areas including our world famous Piazzas.*

Use our state-of-the-art computer systems to access your web-based email account, or browse the Internet for world news, sports and stock trading. Or bring your wireless-enabled laptop and access the Internet through our improved onboard wireless service.

Guests who subscribe to email services from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) are advised to verify that their ISP has a web-mail viewing site prior to sailing. Most major ISPs have websites that allow email access via a web browser using an email address and password.

Please contact the Internet Café Manager onboard for information regarding the charges that apply to Internet and wireless services and any other specific requirements.

Plus – Platinum and Elite Captain’s Circle members benefit from credit toward Internet Café packages.


MinutesPackage Pricing (see below for schedule)Pre-Purchase Package Pricing*
15 (last day special)$8.99N/A
100$69.00$72.95 - Recieve 20 bonus minutes for pre-purchasing (total of 120 minutes)
200$99.00$102.95 - Receive 40 Bonus minutes for pre-purchasing (total of 240 minutes)
400$159.00$162.95 - Receive 60 bonus minutes for pre-purchasing (total of 460 minutes)
600$199.00$202.95 - Receive 80 bonus minutes for pre-purchasing (total of 680 minutes)
1000 (World Cruise only)$249.00$252.95 - Receive 100 bonus minutes for pre-purchasing (total of 1100 minutes)
Pay As You Go$0.79 per minuteN/A


*Package prices includes $3.95 activation fee. Internet access via satellite is significantly slower than high-speed connections on shore. Princess Cruises reserves the right to filter content accessed via the ship's Internet services. Please note high bandwidth consuming applications such as voice over IP telephony, peer-to-peer file sharing and streaming media may be restricted onboard Princess vessels.

Cell Phones at Sea


Every Princess ship is equipped with an advanced cellular communications network. This network allows you to send as well as receive voice calls, text messages and data services on your personal mobile device. Mobile device service is available for use when the ship is at sea, in international waters and in other areas where such use is permitted. All charges will be conveniently billed to you by your mobile device provider.

For guests on Royal and Regal Princess: Your mobile phone provider must have a roaming agreement with Maritime Communications Partner AS (MCP) (http://mcp.com/princess 954-530-8746) in order for you to use your phone with this service. Not all prepaid phones are supported. Your mobile phone must be able to roam internationally. BlackBerrys and other mobile data services may continue to receive messages while roaming on the ship's network. For questions about your service or about pricing and billing, please contact your mobile phone provider's customer service department prior to sailing.

For guests on all other ships: Your mobile device provider must have a roaming agreement with Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) (Phone: (954) 883-2407; Email: wms.nmc@wmsatsea.com). Not all prepaid devices are supported. Your mobile device must be able to roam internationally. BlackBerrys and other mobile data services may continue to receive messages while roaming on the ship's network. For questions about your service, pricing or billing please contact your mobile device provider's customer service department prior to sailing. 

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