Hubbard Glacier & Wilderness Exploration

2 hours | Hubbard Glacier (Scenic Cruising) | Y A 1 - 6 6 0
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  • Hubbard Glacier
  • Wildlife Search
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Be sure to read the Special Notes further down this page for important requirements and restriction.

The adventure begins as soon as you board an Alaska-built vessel directly from your ship in the mouth of Disenchantment Bay. Relax in the warm, comfortable cabin, surrounded by large windows, as your knowledgeable crew and captain orient you to the vessel and to the tour area.

The shallow-draft of the craft allows for travel near the rocky, dramatic shoreline, affording spectacular photo opportunities. In addition, the vessel's singular maneuverability provides a chance to weave through a maze of beautiful icebergs - each pieces of ice that have fallen from the face of the glacier. At times these icebergs can be multiple stories tall, making the perspective from our smaller vessel astounding.

If ice conditions permit, the captain will navigate the narrow cut between Haenke Island and the mainland. This route provides the best opportunity for wildlife sightings. The excursion then provides significant time for up-close observation of the Hubbard Glacier. After your initial stop, the vessel will travel parallel to the face of the glacier, providing comprehensive viewing and a variety of angles for photos and video. This "river of ice" is often very active, and dramatic displays of calving, one of Mother Nature's most impressive shows, can occur at any time. Keep your eyes peeled and cameras ready! The tour also presents opportunities for photography of your cruise ship against a remarkable backdrop - a postcard-worthy keepsake of a lifetime.

Unlike most glaciers in this area and in the world, the Hubbard Glacier is advancing, and has been for more than one hundred years. At times, this advance has been rapid (up to 7 feet a day), giving the Hubbard the nickname, "The Galloping Glacier." In fact, in the last several decades it has twice surged and blocked off the entrance to a large fjord of the area, creating a lake. However, both times the natural dam eventually failed, sending an enormous amount of water gushing back out into Disenchantment Bay. Near the face of the Hubbard Glacier, you'll also have the opportunity to view a few lesser-known
glaciers in the area.

As you view the glacially-carved coastlines, endless expanses of spruce and hemlock trees, snowcapped mountains, and glaciers our knowledgeable onboard naturalist and crew will provide compelling narration. Given the intimate setting, you'll have personal access to these guides for any additional questions you have regarding the area. On a clear day in this temperate rainforest, you may even have the opportunity to view Mount St. Elias, the second tallest peak in the United States.

Throughout the journey, visit the galley for complimentary hot beverages, a selection of food for purchase, and a collection of unique "Made In Alaska" gifts.

Special Notes:

This tour is not accessible to guests with limited mobility using a wheelchair. This tour operates in a remote wilderness area, where weather and ice conditions can alter both the duration and route of the journey, including shipside embarkation/disembarkation areas. The cruise ship also stops in view of the Hubbard Glacier and will be in sight during the excursion.

Unaccompanied Minor Policy: Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Tour timeline may vary to avoid overcrowding, etc.

Embark Catamaran direct from the cruise ship. Exploration of the entire fjord. Return directly back to the cruise ship.

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