Exploring the Top Things to Do in Luganville

A body of water surrounded by lush vegetation off an island in French Polynesia

Luganville, Vanuatu, is an enchanting destination where history and paradise come together. Born out of necessity during World War II, the town is full of hidden secrets you can unearth on a South Pacific cruise. In fact, Luganville is one of the busiest ports in Vanuatu, and for good reason — with so much historical significance and gorgeous nature to behold, it offers something for everyone. Are you planning to visit Luganville? Here are three things to do in Luganville that you won't want to miss:

Million Dollar Point

Travelers eager to explore Luganville's past should see Million Dollar Point. This unique location, which was used as a dump by the American military at the end of World War II, got its name from the estimated value of equipment that was left beneath its waters. You can spot some of the abandoned vehicles, ammunition, and other artillery equipment that has washed up on shore — just a fraction of what actually rests underwater.

Euart's Memorial

Euart's Memorial stands in honor of Elwood J. Euart, a U.S. military hero and a captain of the SS President Coolidge. Euart sacrificed his life in an attempt to rescue men who were trapped on the ship when it went down after striking two U.S. mines. While exploring Luganville's World War II relics on this excursion, you can visit this testament to bravery, which stands just by the sunken ship.

The Blue Hole

These historical sites are not the only unforgettable Vanuatu destinations. If you are keener to visit the island's natural attractions, you’ll certainly want to take an excursion to the Blue Hole. Have your camera ready. On a scenic journey to this natural marvel, you'll take in views of sapphire ocean, coconut plantations, and peaceful island villages, and you'll want to capture as much as possible.

Once you're there, prepare to be stunned. The luminous Blue Hole, an underwater sinkhole, is almost too beautiful. Surrounded by pure white beach, this oasis's tranquil waters will beckon you to take a dip. Take time to explore before heading off to Velit Bay to enjoy some free leisure time and Vanuatu activities.

With so many things to do in Luganville, this Vanuatu destination will undoubtedly be a stop on your cruise to the South Pacific that you will always remember. Enjoy the local culture, history, and stunning scenery on this Vanuatuan island and make the most of your vacation in the South Pacific.